Feel The Lean eBook's

'Feel The Lean' to me means more than just being lean physically, it means feeling that ‘lean’ towards a healthier more vibrant you. Leaning towards more positive changes in the world one person at a time we are feeling that 'lean' towards a better earth. Along with feeling lean within your own body when eating this abundantplant based diet. We must look after ourselves and the earth for they will look after us.


I aim to educate and inspire

I aim to educate and inspire you on your journey of self discovery. It brings me so much joy to share my thoughts and recipes with you. Feel the Lean is designed as a guide which may provide help and encouragement on your personal journey to achieving the very best version of you – physically, mentally and emotionally! I have combined my favourite recipes, health tips and passion for vibrant photography along with lifestyle tips and inspirational quotes – which I use on a daily basis. My desire to become the very best version of myself drives me each and every day! As a society, we’re lead to believe we need to conform to certain diets, that, coupled with a high intensity exercise regime, help us lose weight and achieve that amazing toned figure we all dream of. The problem is, whilst this approach may work for some, most put the weight back on or even give up!

These days there are so many ‘diets’ that promote calorie restriction, eliminating fruits and slashing carbohydrates. My philosophy, I believe, is a sensible and holistic approach. I do not preach a certain ‘diet’, nor a quick fix, or get skinny fast scheme. I believe in promoting a sustainable ‘lifestyle’ that, in the long term, will provide a platform for each individual to reach their optimal body weight and health. Feel the Lean encourages healthy living choices and long term lifestyle transformations. This eBook inspires healing changes in your body, in your mind and in your spirit and encourages optimal health balance. I have compiled the following information as a way to express my beliefs which I live by everyday. Stay active, practice self care and eat well and I believe you will truly fulfil your health and wellness goals. Exercise these qualities – it’s what makes me ‘STAY’ that way all year around!

It isn’t all just about health and your body, it is also about the Earth and the animals. Here is a quick fact for you, Meat, Poultry and the Dairy industry are the biggest contributors to climate change, deforestation and dead zones in our oceans due to pesticide run offs from farming and animals waste. Animal agriculture is the source of 51% of all greenhouse gases. 1-2 acres of rainforest is cleared every single second, yes every single second.  YES more impact than cars, fossil fuels and mining. THIS IS 100% TRUE FACT.  Switching to a plant-based diet saves you, the Earth and the animals.