Feel The Lean 1.0

Feel The Lean 1.0

This is my first eBook Feel The Lean 1.0 that I created and put together in 2013-2014. This eBook took me over 1 1/2 years to complete, during everyday life, a full term pregnancy, giving birth and raising a baby. I poured everything I had into these pages. The information that is in here is info that I have researched, education myself on and applied it to my self and life, I have made mistakes and had small downfalls along my journey to optimal health which I started in my early 20’s and so I have noted all the parts in this eBook that helped me move forward and stick to this abundant lifestyle.

In this book I’m giving you the ultimate short cut! You too will hit a few bumps in the road to self discovery and optimal health but if you use my eBooks as a guide it will make your journey a lot more smooth to say the least.

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It is built to help guide you along your OWN path to self discovery and optimal health. I say ‘guide' because I want you to apply your own twist to it, change up the recipes, the ingredients, research, read, ask and google everything you want to learn more about! Everything really is optional and I encourage you to mix it up so find out what works for you. Use my tips and then pass your best tips that your learnt onto others who need help and guidance too! I know if I was able to get my hands on a eBook like this in the early days of my transition to health it would have saved me a lot of time and effort that's for sure!

I built this eBook from scratch from start to finish, this eBook really is my heart,soul and everyday life. Endless recipes of smoothies, juices, salads, bliss bowls, acai bowls, crispy potatoes, sushi, pasta, endless fruit, and the list goes on.

  • 100% Plant based vegan recpies
  • Sample meal plans
  • 57 easy to make recipes
  • My own vibrant photography
  • Motivating Inspirational quotes
  • Health, beauty and lifestyle tips
  • Traveling tips
  • Keeping active tips
  • Sample shopping list