Feel The Lean 2.0

Feel The Lean 2.0

Say hello to my 2nd and NEW eBook, Feel The Lean 2.0!
This eBook I started to put together not long after my first eBook was released. I just kept adding all my recipes that I would make in everyday life into this ebook and after around 1 year I had a completed a recipe book. In this second book I havent created recipes just for the purpose of putting a book together, that is what separates me from a lot of others that have recipe books, I don’t have cooking days or recipe days to make as much food as I can to create content, nor do I have a team of people cooking for me or styling my food, or a graphic designer putting my books together. The recipes you see in this book are created and eaten by me and shared with family and friends in my daily life. This food you see here is what I have created while being busy, hungry, working, pregnant, being a mum, for friends and family, it is 100% real content.

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By demand from my followers on social media I have added more cooked meals and warming water foods to this eBook! Super yummy soups, rice dishes, curries, mix up plates, filling salads, potato wedges, toast, pastas, noodles. Breakfasts like porridge and Rawnola cereal, and of course plenty of my favourite fruit, smoothie, juice, smoothie bowls recipes to boot!

All my recipes are so easy and quick to prepare and make and most take anywhere from 5 mins to 30 mins to make. No need to slug away in the kitchen for hours on end to create a meal.

and once again I want you to apply your own twist to it, change up the recipes, the ingredients, research, read, ask and google everything you want to learn more about! Everything really is optional and I encourage you to mix it up so find out what works for you. Use my tips and then pass your best tips that your learnt onto others who need help and guidance too! I hope you love this new eBook as much as I do!

  • Plant based and wheat free
  • 80 easy to make recipes
  • My own vibrant photography
  • Including more cooked warming foods + all the yummy smoothie bowls, juices and epic salads.
  • Motivating Inspirational quotes