Go Vegan

Go Vegan

Go Vegan

Why go vegan? There are too many reasons to list. If you’re searching for a few good reasons to start living a vegan lifestyle, author Loni Jane can provide them for you- and much more. Get your copy of her newest ebook, Feel the Lean 2.0, and start living a healthy, balanced life.

Start living the life you were always meant to live and feel better than you’ve probably felt in years. Enjoy the delicious and nutritious vegan recipes Loni Jane offers in her ebook and on her website. Check out the free blog library with tasty recipes to add to your vegan cookbook, including Loni’s own homemade ‘Ramen’ healthy instant noodles recipe you’re just going to love. With this recipe, you can have a hot bowl of instant noodle soup anytime without feeling the guilt that comes from opening up one of those 500+ calorie packages.

Go vegan with Loni- you’ll never regret it! Consider the benefits of living a vegan lifestyle:

Fight the Leading Cause of Illness- Obesity

It’s been well proven that a vegan diet leads to a lower body mass index, even compared with that of vegetarians. Eating only fruits, grains, vegetables, nuts and plant-based foods is clearly one of the best ways to take off weight and keep it off- or just never put it on in the first place.

Cancer Prevention

Protect your body from certain types of cancer by taking advantage of the power of a nutrient-packed diet. Not only will you benefit from cancer prevention if you decide to go vegan, you’ll also avoid other types of cancer risks that come at the risk of eating animal products.

Banish Diabetes

Go vegan for a higher chance of getting off of your diabetes medication. Of course, you’ll have to work together with your doctor to determine when you should stop taking your meds, however, nearly half of diabetics who switched to a vegan diet were able to reduce or eliminate their dosage of diabetes medication.


A vegan lifestyle is healthier for the planet. The meat, dairy and egg industries are killing the planet- it doesn’t take a scientist to see that this is happening; the US is leading the way and other countries are following suit. The cost of consuming meats and animal products comes at the expense of destroying our oceans and land. Growing food is the most efficient use of our planet’s natural resources.

Order your ebook now on FeeltheLean.com and start learning about the vegan lifestyle today. You’ll find Feel the Lean 2.0 to be very informative, educational, entertaining, and best of all, beneficial to your health. Download the book and have instant access to the recipes, the information, and much more. Loni Jane will not disappoint. For a limited time, you can go vegan with both of Loni’s ebooks at a discounted price- just click on the ‘eBooks’ link to find both the original Feel the Lean 1.0 and Feel the Lean 2.0.