Looking for terrific ‘Rawnola’ recipes? Check out the Feel the Lean blog to find two of author Loni Jane’s most popular granola blends. If you’ve never experienced the delicious health benefits of eating raw granola, you’re going to want to see for yourself how healthy and tasty eating raw can be.

Feel the Lean is a website dedicated to helping visitors make healthy choices by transitioning into a vegan lifestyle slowly and confidently. Loni Jane’s Rawnola recipes are one delicious way to enjoy eating well any time of the day or night. After all, Rawnola is not just for breakfast! Enjoy it while watching a movie, as an in between meal snack or at breakfast if you feel so inclined.

Loni’s basic recipe, ‘Rawnola Homemade Cereal’ is a popular request from her fans; one look at the ingredients and it’s easy to see why. Loni recommends keeping one or two batches of her Rawnola in the refrigerator for times when you feel like snacking, are too busy to cook or are just in the mood for something that will feed your soul. Her homemade Rawnola has no chemicals, additives or artificial flavors, no added vitamins like those grocery store cereals have included in their ingredients, no preservatives or anything else that would keep you from enjoying the pure flavor of the ingredients.

So just exactly what is in Loni’s Rawnola? We don’t want to spoil your fun, so we’ll let you check it out on the Feel the Lean blog, but we can tell you that you’ll never go back to making your old granola recipe again. In terms of nutrition and taste, nothing else stacks up to Loni’s Rawnola. Only 4 simple ingredients are incorporated into this recipe. Feel free to add your choice of vegan fruit, nut or berry toppings to complete the picture.

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Return to the blog to try Loni’s Maple Toasted Rawnola, made with Medjool dates, rolled oats and two other tasty ingredients that give it a crunch yet ensure it stays chewy inside. Toast Loni’s Maple Rawnola to a golden tone and enjoy it with fruit, almond milk, vegan ice cream or alone by the handful.

Want more? Pick up a copy of Feel the Lean 2.0 to get more of your favorite Rawnola recipes from vegan author Loni Jane. Eating healthy never tasted so good- now you can have access to the recipes 24/7 on your smart phone, tablet or computer.