Hey Loni, So I am writing you this email as I bought your book a few weeks after it was released last year. I have since bought it for a friend too, as it inspired me SO much that I had to share it. I have been vegan for almost two years, so I found your book when I was still pretty new to the lifestyle. Your recipes, guidance, information and just you as a person have helped shape me into the woman I am today. I don't say that lightly either - you made me realise that health is the ultimate gift and it should be celebrated! I come from a history of poor diet, digestion, heart issues, candida issues & disordered eating - so finding your lifestyle was super helpful and really made me strive to become the best version of me! The way you raise your children & your pregnancy stories were also so inspiring and I really can't wait to raise conscious children like you do. Feel The Lean is my bible, really! I have it on my iPhone so I can read it whenever I like. I know that I am one of the hundreds of thousands that you've inspired and I really am so thankful for that. Keep being you! Love + Light


Hello Loni, So so so excited for your new ebook! My name is Rebecca and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. The release of your first ebook changed my life and literally changed my skin. I'm only 23 years, but for years I had been suffering from horrible eczema all over my hands and face. I was always scratching, bleeding, oozing, peeling.. I was a mess and was so embarrassed & frustrated by the condition of my skin. I went to doctors and tried all the creams and medicine, but it only seemed to grow worse. About 2 years ago, I found your Instagram and became so inspired. Shortly after, you released your ebook, laying out everything so clearly, guidelines, recipes, shopping lists, tips & tricks. I quickly went to the store and bought an abundance of produce and began eating this way, and making recipes from your ebook. My skin cleared very quickly! If I did fall off track and eat something like milk, alcohol, bread, or meat, I noticed I would feel so sick or my skin would show it. It was crazy! 1.5 years deep into being a plant-based vegan, I'm heathy, my skin is glowing, and I FEEL amazing. I feel like myself & love myself. It's amazing what your body can do when you fuel it properly and lovingly. Thank you for being a continuous source of inspiration just simply by being you! All the love,


Hey Loni I just wanted to tell you that you made one of the most amazing EBOOKS of all the time!! Seriously the recipes, the pictures everything is gorgeous! Is my favourite! You made a MASTERPIECE!! I have made all the recipes and they are so delicious and easy to make!! I have also made your recipes for my non vegan family and they loved it! Thank you so much for sharing your lifestyle with us! I cannot wait for your new Ebook. Sending you so much love from Barcelona


I always followed Loni on Instagram, and was always intrigued by her food choices & clean approach to life in general. My whole life I struggled with my body imagine & an eating disorder, I was so happy when an ebook was released! I had to have it and followed the recipes and her awesome approach to food & to love your body. Your ebook has been my saving grace and literally like a bible for everything. I have never felt better eating clean and a plant based diet, you have saved me some very dark days. My mind is clearer, my spirit is fresher, and most importantly I feel amazing!! Not to mention your recipes are simple! Thank you!!

Danielle Furman

Hi!  I have been looking into this lifestyle for awhile. I follow you on Instagram. It wasn't till I got your e-book that something clicked. I didn't do everything overnight, but slowly things became easier. I love the recipes and pictures and everything in the book is so inspiring!  I am a mom with 3 kids and I always thought eating vegan was hard, but it's just the opposite!  I feel better, have more confidence and at my latest doctors visit my cholesterol was significantly lower!!!  Thank you Loni for being an amazing inspiration to me and so many others!!!

Michelle Law

Loni! I am so happy to write this because I talk about it quite a lot. I am so grateful for you and all of your work! I had been through ups and downs with my health and my body had taken quite a toll. My skin was dull and my nails were brittle whenever I managed to lose weight. So when I first started following you what struck me the most was that you RADIATE health. Your skin is always glowing and clear, your hair is always thick and shiny, and you've stayed healthy and lean through two pregnancies! Your take on nutrition and the recipes and tips (my favorite part) in your first ebook completely transformed my understanding of healthy eating: I finally recognized that nutrition didn't just affect the waistline, but your skin, hair, etc. I always tell friends who ask me about the plant-based lifestyle to look you up not only because of the variety and tastiness of your recipes (GLO juice is one of my favorites), but also because of the message you send. So many people in all camps of nutrition are lean, but few roll out of bed in the morning glowing from all the vitamins and nutrients in their diet. The recipes and tips in your ebook work better on the skin than most cosmetics on the market. I've been following you since forever and over the years your radiance and your beautiful dishes have always sent such an important message: beauty and health are literally inside-out!

Maia Rodriguez

Hi Loni, I saw your post looking for testimonials on your IG, so I thought I'd send on in! It was actually you that I came across on IG first, before I'd even heard of the vegan/plant based lifestyle. I was enthralled by your images and the way you presented the accessibility, beauty and benefits of plant based living. You are definitely to thank for the reason why I am now 1 year vegan and loving it! 4 months ago I purchased your first 'feel the lean' e book and became enthralled with plant based cooking, something that is now one of my biggest passions! I am now fascinated by the way plant foods have such an impact on our bodies and minds. Your carefully thought out and articulate recipes were the beginning of my successful plant based lifestyle, I still make your rawnola every morning without fail! Not e book related, but I hope once I have my own family I will be able to teach my children about the importance and kindness of the vegan lifestyle, you are continually inspiring to me. If you want, reach out to my IG @zofiasalgado xxx Best wishes and much love,

Zofia Salgado (Sydney, 18).

Dear Loni, It will be difficult for me to write a short testimonial, as the ways you and your wonderful ebook Feel the Lean have inspired me are countless! ~~~ I have been an avid follower of Loni Jane Anthony on Instagram for some time now, inspired by not only the beauty of her photographs but the beauty of the simplicity of the lifestyle that she captures. However, it was not until I began reading her Tumblr blog aleven11 and observing the frank, caring, and kind conversations that she shared with her followers about the wonders and joys of a plant-based lifestyle that I decided to purchase her Feel the Lean ebook. Without a doubt, it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life! The knowledge that Loni shared through her blog is doubled tenfold in her ebook, and it is this knowledge and honesty about food and healthy living that inspired me to take control of my health and wellbeing. Feel the Lean provides not only sample eating plans and shopping lists but easy-to-follow, delicious recipes that display wonderfully the benefits of eating plant-based foods. Feel the Lean is not a book about dieting or finding perfection, Feel the Lean is a book about the beauty of leading a full, healthy, respectful, and ultimately rewarding lifestyle. Loni and Feel the Lean have helped me discover that beauty is the feeling of empowerment that comes with allowing yourself to lead the life that you want to lead. And this life is fun, vibrant, and delicious! ;) ~~~ I mean every word of it! I really do wish to thank you for the role that you have played in my life, because it truly has inspired me to live the most wonderful, mindful life. As a college student I did not think it possible for me to live a plant-based lifestyle on a budget at first, but seeing the results of your advice on my health encouraged me to move forward and find a way! And the benefits have proved boundless, because furthermore, I did not think that I could give up a lifestyle of eating junk food, smoking cigarettes, and all in all not living up to my full potential and caring for myself in the way that I deserve, but I HAVE! With love and good vibes!

Sarah Clark (Los Angeles, California, USA & Montréal, Quebec, Canada based student)

Your life journey has inspired me not to feel 'scared' about what I put on my plate, but rather embrace the nutrients in eat mouthful I take. Same goes for life. Each breath I take, I don't feel 'scared' about what people think of me. I feel a greater sense of purpose, appreciation and acceptance of my mental and physical self. You radiate such positivity and growth, I am so in awe. Can't wait for your 2.0 vibes


Hey loni, I love your book and Instagram and your food always inspires me! I love your first ebook and the beautiful photos have always made me want to eat healthy foods. Your ebook helped me to transition to veganism and I am so excited for the new book!


Hi Loni! I purchased Loni's "Feel The Lean" ebook and not only did it change my life, it changed the lives of my boyfriend, best friend, and grandfather! Due to illness, I tried veganism and after following Loni online, I was very interested in her plant and fruit mainly based way of eating. I would follow her recipes online and noticed drastic changes in my mood, weight, and soul. I was so blessed to get my hands on her ebook! Did I mention it's also so beautiful and filled with her photography!?  So many amazing recipes, photographs, inspiration, and advice on the plant-based diet. My boyfriend noticed my positive changes and started reading her ebook, which is perfect for gals and guys. My best friend was sick of hearing me talk about Loni and her book that she started reading it, and fell in love and finally understood why I was so passionate about it all. When my grandfather got ill earlier this year, he remembered me talking about Loni and her book and was inspired and asked me to read it to him. He loved the artwork as well but his favorite part was the food that I would make and share with him! Loni is such a blessing that my friends and family are grateful for. Her book is not like any other book. It's a piece of art, and a guide to a more healthy, vibrant, and fulfilling life! Definitely recommend!


Hi Loni! I would love to start this message with an enormous thank you, you and your inspirational accounts/posts and most importantly the most wonderful ebook in the world have single handed my turned my life around in every aspect imagineable! A bit of history, all through 2012-2014 I suffered from extreme stomach cramping and discomfort daily, I had always eaten everything and could not understand what the problem was. I then commenced a huge 1.5 year investigation into what was going wrong in my body, I went for blood tests/ultrasounds/scans/ specialist appointments/special diets I tried everything to no avail, I was still in constant pain. By now it was 2014 and I was forced to miss over half of my final schooling year due to the immense pain I was in, doctors were stumped and concluded that I would have to spend my life on a cocktail of medications to attempt to manage the pain I was in, as they couldn't fix it and told me this would just be my life. I then became incredibly depressed, eating loads of junk food because what's the point in looking after yourself if your always going to be in excruciating pain? It was then that I started seeking alternative opinions, I found your Instagram and read about your similar experiences, I was so touched and inspired by you, I couldn't believe someone had gone through a similar hell to what I was in, and had made it out happier/healthier and stronger than ever! I was convinced I had to try to eat and live like you as I felt this was my last chance at having a normal life and being happy! As soon as I started eating HCLF I noticed a changed, I had energy again, my stomach pains had decreased drastically, I started to feel positive and optimistic again and I started to get into better shape! I could not believe it, I was prepared to live a whole life in misery when the answer was so simple all along! When your ebook came out is when my life really turned the corner, I now had a whole book of priceless information about your way of life; I spent hours reading and staring at all your beautiful pictures/recipes/hints and tips about this wonderful lifestyle, it was then that I knew I would be vegan forever, this was now my life and my passion. Once again, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to you Loni, for sharing your life on Instagram and through your ebooks with others like myself who aren't sure how to make such a drastic yet amazing change in their life and seek your guidance. Feel the Lean has been my holy grail to go to whenever I get questioned about my way of eating, whenever I'm struggling for a new exciting recipe or just whenever I feel down because the positivity and amazing vibes in your ebook positively radiate out of the pages and onto whomever reads it! Feel the Lean and your wonderful soul has both inspired and changed me in so many positive ways, my life now is 100000x better than it was when I was living in pain and sickness, but a HCLF diet has cleansed my whole body and mind and made me into a more compassionate, happy person than I have ever before been; thank you so much for spending so long on such a gorgeous, personal piece of work such as Feel the Lean and I cannot wait to get my hands on Feel the Lean 2.0! I'm counting down the days... Thank you again Loni, words cannot express the immense gratitude I feel for all you and your ebook have done for me! Sending good vibes and love in you and your wonderful families direction... Kind regards

Amanda Stagoll

Dear Loni. Thank you so much for being a positive role model for myself and others out there! I purchased your e-book after finding your instagram page and thinking 'wow she is awesome'. It was more for a curiosity side of things to begin with if I can be completely honest. I have always had a horrible relationship with food. I would ALWAYS eat the wrong things, junk food, take away meals, you name it. If it wasn't healthy it was sure to be in hand/mouth. I remember once being asked if i had been to the local Newcastle show as my lunch looked like a showbag! (how embarrassing) I had always been a size 8 and never really had to worry about weight as such but I was not as gifted as some may have thought. I had other underlying issues that I couldn't work out nor control. I noticed I always had a dull look to my skin, hair loss, ended up finding out I had endometriosis and suffered with major candida issues just to name a few. Since reading a multitude of books and doing extensive research, I finally decided that I was fed up and had enough. I dug through my computer and go out your e-book and it began. I put all my research together and noticed similarities. I made a snap decision that the next morning I was going to drastically change everything. I started off making smoothies every morning for breakfast and waking up half an hour earlier to go for a walk to kick start my day. Of course my partner and my mum thought this was another 'FAD' of mine and it wouldn't last longer than a week... How they were wrong! Its now been about 7 weeks (I know, not a drastic time frame) I have swapped out ALL my junk foods for healthy options - not so much to a fully raw diet but predominately 'raw til 4'. I have noticed I don't crave sweet foods anymore, I don't reach for a coke or a chocolate bar - I now crave protein rich foods like eggs or salmon or a yummy protein smoothie. I know I'm nothing special and my testimonial isn't about a full change to a raw diet but i feel you have influenced my change in lifestyle immensely! TODAY! I have my lemon water on my desk at work and yummy home made sushi, instead of a coke and KFC lunch! Look at me go! Thank you again for being your fabulous self. I really admire you.


Hey Loni I just saw your Insta post and cannot WAIT for your next e-book. The previews you’ve shared look amazing. I wanted to share how you and your book have inspired my health journey… Early last year I started seeing a naturopath as I had terrible adult acne and I was at my wits end with the doctors. They put me on six different contraceptive pills, tried to put me on hormone replacement therapy (HRT)... the list goes on, and surprise surprise, nothing was working! My naturopath did a blood test and I found out I’m intolerant to dairy, gluten and a few other things which totally threw me. I embraced it and stuck to my new “diet” for about 6 months, but quickly became bored and had major cravings for all sorts of foods I knew weren’t good for me. I fell off the wagon and went back to stuffing my face with those foods that were causing my body to cry out in help. My acne came back, my skin was dull and I put on weight. I kept turning a blind eye to the signs until I stumbled across an article about you on news.com.au – I found your Instagram and I was instantly obsessed with your amazing photos and beautiful food creations. I purchased your 1st e-book immediately and consequently, I’ve re-found my love for looking after my number one asset – my body – and I’m now back on the path to wellness. My skin has cleared up immensely (it’s not perfect but it’s a huge improvement!) and I’m craving those bad foods less and less. Plant based foods (and smoothies!) and as good as any medicine, the evidence speaks for itself. It just took reading about you and seeing your transformation to give me the kick up the arse I needed. So a huge THANK YOU for being such an inspiration. Cheers


Hey Loni! I'm writing this not really to receive anything from you, but to just express my deep gratitude for all that you have taught me through these past couple of years. I know I am not the only one whose life you have impacted in such a beautiful and positive way! I have always struggled with self love and since I can remember I have never been entirely healthy with my lifestyle. My father passed away a little over 2 years ago from heart and lung failure. I cannot stress enough how this still gives me guilt. He was always an active person until one day he just wasn't. Maybe with age and a lack of motivation. Having to get him to work out and not smoke was not easy, but he always made an effort here and there. I feel guilty for not encouraging a better lifestyle for him and I know this is silly because we are only in control of our own actions and what we choose to do and not do is nobody else's responsibility. I go back and forth with the guilt and I think I always will, but what I am strongly positive about is my own health and lifestyle. I somehow ended up on your Instagram page around that time before he had passed and I must have spent minutes upon minutes just scrolling, taking screen shots, writing down books or recipes you had posted. I felt entirely consumed by your vibe and more inspired then I had felt in a long time. I started buying more fruit and flew through the 80/10/10 book; among others, I started enjoying walking more. I enjoyed making food and eating what I made! Not feeling guilty about it because I knew what I was making, how I was making it and what was in it. I chose to try the raw till 4 lifestyle and it changed my body. I felt more energy, more clarity with the mind and soul. I started doing yoga again and would just melt away in pure relaxation. Your Ebook really was the cherry on top of the nana ice cream! I loved the pure simplicity of it all. The ingredients were not complex and the flavors were all there, just natural and beautiful! It was so easy to give up a lot of the junk I had eaten before. I think a lot of people see it as challenging or impossible, but I have found it to be extremely satisfying and have adapted to this lifestyle with ease. You have really changed my life on so many levels other than just a happy tummy. I find myself enjoying buying whole foods, getting excited about making smoothies and to try new recipes. I haven't been this motivated to workout consistently ever in my life and I am so proud of myself for taking these steps to better my health, to better my self. I honestly don't think I would have been on this path if it wasn't for you. To be so consistent with this lifestyle, to strive harder and to not give up. I am very excited for your next Ebook and to continue to be inspired by your beautiful soul. You have truly given me a new outlook on eating whole foods because I can testify to it all and what it has done for me.. I cannot thank you enough! with love,

Scarlette Rose

Hi Loni! Here is my story: When first transitioning to a fully plant based diet, I (like many others) was confused on what I should and shouldn't be eating for optimum health and energy levels. I was also bombarded with lots of fake meat and cheese products in super markets and fell into a bit of a trap, substituting the fake products for what I'd normally eat (ie. Putting a processed vegan cheese slice on a sandwich instead of real cheese). Although these products are ok in moderation, I did not know that I shouldn't eat them all the time. Then I found Feel The Lean. Its easy recipes and DELICIOUS looking pictures enticed me to give them a try. I quickly began eating more whole foods and was always satiated. My skin improved as did my mood, hair, and energy levels. Feel the Lean made eating a whole foods plant based diet so much more easy/less confusing and delicious!

I'm very grateful for it!

Hi!!! I'm really looking forward to the release of you second ebook. I'm a 32 and live in belgium. Veggie since i was 12, vegans since 2 yearq. Always been a healthyfood-lover. Since i was young i struggle with lungdisease (bronchieactasis) and 6 years ago doctors discovered i have a immunedisease too (cvid). To keep going, i have to do a subcutanious infuse every week. I'm ok Now, still need the injections, but in stead of 10 times sick a year, it was now 3 times or something. Hallelujah!! The medecins i had to take chronical (antibiotics) i stopped taking about 2 years ago, when i also started to eat rawfood often. I believe that way of eating really had a good influence. Almost 3 years ago i stopped taking "the pill" because we really adore kids. We wanted to start earlier, but because of being sick a lot, docs told me to wait. Sice i stopped birtcontrol, i never had my period back ? so i went to a specialised hospital and they dicovered in september 2015 i had a tumor on my ovary that should be removed asap. Luckely i still have both ovaries ?????? Docs also said my weight was too low (beacuse of CVID i'm often sick and mose weight) so i went to a doc to put on some weight, in a healthy way. I still did't get my period, so went back to uz brussels and they told me that i beacuse i always have so much "little eggs" my body puts it on hold to have ovulation and that my cvid will probably also cause the "infertilty". Because of that we could finally start with a treatment: iui/insemination (first step before ivf) So in february 2016 we started in the hospital. Every day i have tor use injections, and after some days/weeks.. My eggies are big enough. Than i have to use another injection to ovulate and 36hours later i got inseminated (nothing romantic about that, really ???) First to treatments failed ? and the third we had this monday. So i'm in the waiting weeks now, what's very stressy. ? I always eated very healthy, but in these period even more.. (Beacuse you never know there's going on something magical in my belly). So.. your second ebook is on my list!!!! ??? I loves your recepis, the way you think about health and cleaneating, your way of living, you're such an inspiration. The discount is very welcome but if i don't get is, no Problem. I'm gonna buy the ebook anyway ?? With love

Lieselot X

Hey Loni, I did write to you when I first received your ebook, but now that I have used it so much, I will give you an update if it helps, even if you don't use this testimonial. I first came to the vegan lifestyle after watching Cowspiracy and Earthlings, and soon found your inspiring Instagram page! Definitely felt like finding gold! I have always loved how you capture your moments in nature and your beautifully and deliciously presented meals full of the most vibrant fruits and veg. I purchased 'Feel the Lean', because I also aimed to achieve the health benefits of living plant-based. I absolutely love all the recipes! My favourites will always be a 'banana whip', an 'easy raw salad', 'berryana pancakes' and 'sweet potato rice balls'!! Everything is so delicious!! The entire ebook is so visually stimulating and enriching. Loni has done a fantastic job, and even the ebook itself is delicious with all the brilliantly captured images, Loni's experience and advise, and I enjoy how down-to-earth she is, instilling in the reader the idea that this lifestyle is sustainable and fun. I like the perspective she has on life and on taking care of the human body and the planet. Seriously can't wait for the new release of 'Feel the Lean 2.0'. Cheers to this rad babe! All the best to you and your fam bam :* Lots of love xx


Thank you Loni for changing my life. In "Feel the Lean" I learnt the art of carbing it up!! I found love for raw, satisfying fruit and vegetables with no restrictions. As a result I am healthier than I've ever been. Your health tips throughout also inspired me get outside and get active.

I can't wait for Feel the Lean 2.0!!!

Hi Loni, I'm Camilla and I'm a 19 year old girl from Italy. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you unconsciously did for me. The first time I heard about you and your lifestyle it was about a year ago, and I was in the deepest abyss of my life: I was suffering from anorexia nervosa and struggling to find balance between health and a positive relationship with food. I had chosen recovery but I needed something to push me a little to truly believe in myself and that food could really have been my medicine. So I bought your ebook. That was the milestone that changed completely my life. The turning boat. You thought me that food could have been enjoyed in abundance, without the feeling of guilt, without having to worry about calorie counting and restriction to keep lean and vibrant. Now, a year after that, I am a totally different being. I thrive with big green smoothies, giant bowls of banana whips, staying hydrated with tons of water, but mostly I'm happy. I'm happy with this lifestyle, that gave me the right positive energy to exercise (and enjoy it!), to live a life filled with good vibes and joy. So thank you, Loni. Thank you for giving me the much necessary help that I needed, without even knowing. Much love and kisses,

Camilla ?

Hey loni! I don't think I can describe how excited I was when I saw you were releasing your first ebook last year. I had been following you on Instagram for a while before hand when I first finished school and I was moving out and had to cook all of my own food and I didn't really know where to begin. So I bought it and I think it would be close to every day where I make something that is either straight from the book or based off of it. If your original ebook is anything to go by, I can't wait for the 1st of August!! All the best with everything Loni,

Anna x

Dear Loni! You were one of the first vegan Instagrammers I followed. Back then I was a vegetarian and followed an unhealthy diet full of milk, cheese of all kinds, eggs in every way, all that stuff. I ate processed food, ate too many fats and way too little vegetables. And you know what? Back then I didn't even know that I was on the one hand supporting animal cruelty and on the other hand eating so unhealthy! In the beginning I thought, "oh man I could never go vegan" and I thought vegans are super weird and extreme people, but you were so cool and inspiring and soon after that I was one of those "super extreme vegans" haha :) You inspired me to eat a lot less processed foods and to make healthier choices and I was so happy when the e-book came out. It's like THE most inspirational "bible" out there for me. My diet differs from yours, because I live in country a lot colder, but still that doesn't mean that one has to eat unhealthy. I'm still on a journey and it's not always easy to listen to my body, but it's all about learning and growning, right? So, thanks for being the kind-hearted, inspiring, person you are, Im always stoked how passionate you are about sharing your journey and how aware you are in all aspects (also regarding cosmetics, clothes and stuff). Whenever I seem to kinda "fall of the healthy wagon" I return to your e-book or Instagram page and it will always motivate me to do the best thing for my body. Wishing you and your wonderful family all the best! And I'm so looking forward to the next e-book, can't wait :)) xx


Loni, you are the single reason I was able to go vegan. Your vibes, your lifestyle and your recipes are amazing and helped me in ways that may seem predictable and unusual. Lots of people think eating plant based is hard, but they think its hard because we can't eat pigs and cows etc. but that's not right! the hardest part about eating plant based is family, friends and randoms ganging up on you saying your lifestyle is unhealthy and unsustainable as they clog their arteries with animals. You and I have not exchanged any words however you have been able to help me realise the potential of my body and I can always turn to your Ebook or Instagram to inspire me and to help me realise that despite what the people close to me say, I am living my own life the best I can because of you. Thank you so much for all the work you do.

Amy Nayda

I purchaed Feel the Lean at a time when I was so so lost in diet and lifestyle choices. All I can say is thank goodness I did!!!! A time when i was so scared of foods and gaining weight, this was exactly what I needed. Healthy, yummy, pretty, VEGAN food does need to be hard and this proves exactly that.

I cant thank you enough Loni for your ebook, I really cant.

Hi Loni, Just wanted to say how much I loved your first ebook and your gorgeous photos of your food and family! I've been following you since I saw the article about you when you were pregnant with Rowdy and I just couldn't believe that the media where up in arms about someone eating fruit and vegetables during pregnancy! I remember saying to my husband "No one would dare say anything about a pregnant woman in MacDonalds but heaven forbid this girl eat too many bananas!" ? Anyway I thought you looked amazing so started to follow you on Instagram. At first I just really loved your photos but one thing led to another (or one Instagrammer led to another) and now I've been vegan for 8 months and I absolutely love it! Although I don't eat 80:20 (but would like to try it) I find so much inspiration in your food. Simple, vibrant and wholesome. It's makes so much sense to eat food this way because it's how it's meant to be. I've always had an unhealthy relationship with food with eating disorders and the general guilt that seems to plague most women but I am slowly improving. It was such a good feeling to make a recipe from your book, eat a giant plate of food, feel satisfied and not beat myself up about it because I knew it was 100% nutrients and love for my bod ? I really want more than anything to nourish my body and 'Feel the Lean' is helping people do exactly that without all the fuss, confusion and harm to animals. So thanks a million and keep up the rad pics!


Prior to stumbling across the HCLF Vegan lifestyle I was simply going through life uncomfortable, starving, and uninspired. After hearing about this abundant way of life I came across Loni’s ebook. I purchased it right away and it has become my bible ever since. I adore the simplicity, the color, and the deliciousness of each and every recipe, not to mention the incredible photography to boot. I can absolutely admire all of the hard work that went into her first book and I am so excited for her second!


Hi Loni!! I read your e-book last August - right as I was finishing up Uni. While I am not yet completely 80/10/10, I am inching towards there more everyday. I suffered from so much anxiety around food for so many years (and also burned out from partying too much, not taking care of myself, etc.), but it wasn't until I read your e-book and started reading up on your lifestyle that I have been freed from so much of this anxiety. This lifestyle is truly freedom and peace of mind. Just yesterday, I found myself telling my best friend to try eating a few bananas for breakfast, and then eating some more fruit a couple hours later - after she said "I feel so good after eating fruit but it doesn't fill me up and I can't stomach more than a few pieces of fruit at once." Everything in my body has started to sort itself out. I feel happier, have so much more energy and clarity, feel my age again (I'm only 24), and am calmer and more balanced. Also, just like you've mentioned, I feel like my emotions somehow flow out easier and I can't in a bad mood, angry, anxious, or cranky for long. I also love the simplicity of the lifestyle and I feel much more connected to animals and nature. I also love how you stress in the e-book how it's about progress not perfection and you really encourage people to go at their own pace - unlike most other touted ways of eating. I have taken my time with adjusting to this lifestyle - as I wanted it to be a natural progression. I just focused on adding in more of the good stuff - lots of fruits, veggies, and easy to digest carbs. It's been amazing to discover that I do not in fact want to dairy, meat, or junk...that these cravings can in fact go away and are not inherent. It's so cool to get to the point that I truly choose something nutritious over something unhealthy and I don't feel cheated, I feel lucky and excited. For so many years, I was confused about what I should eat - what was healthy (meat, carbs, dairy, waaa?) and what would make me skinny (small portions, no carbs, only raw, ahhh!!). But reading your e-book alleviated ALL THIS CONFUSION. Years of confusion! Everything you say makes SO MUCH sense and resonates on an intuitive level. Which brings me to another thing, I feel sooo much more in tune with myself and like I can hear my intuition more. It's almost a no-brainer now - which has also really helped my confidence. Ohh and how could I not mention how YUMMY all the recipes are !! I'm obsessed with the banana cereal & mylk, banana ice cream, coconut curry, big salads with rice, and truly everything you post on your Instagram. Your palette is on POINT and I trust every one of your recipes will be DELICIOUS - because they all have been so far! Yay - honestly, I hope I can convey how life-changing reading your e-book has been! I also love how you mention that you are not trying to preach or knock people over the head with your lifestyle - but it's simply what has worked wonderfully for you. What a refreshing, wonderful dose of coolness & humility :) Made me trust and admire you all the more. You're awesome. Thank you so much. Truly cannot wait another day for Ebook numbaa 2! Have checked your Insta everyday to see what day it's coming out! Thank you!! All my best :)


I am honestly so grateful that I came across your e-book/instagram. With the help of your shopping list and recipes I now have total control over my health. The benefits for me personally were astronomical. I have retaught myself how to eat and how to grocery shop. My entire quality of life has changed by changing what I let enter my body. I have increased energy, I used to be anemic and needed to take iron supplements 3 x daily-which I no longer need after 6 months of living your lifestyle. Your recipes are easy to prepare and help you stay full and satisfied on foods that are delicious and make you feel good! Thanks for helping me in more ways than you will ever truly know.


Hi Loni, I'm Marina from the US (I used to live in Australia as well!). I started your plant-based lifestyle a year ago. Before then, I often had snacks such as chips, ice cream, and chocolate especially when I got stressed. I knew that white sugar is not good for our health but it was so hard to quit. I put on weight like 10kg. I tried to lose weight in many ways but nothing lasted long. Searching for a way to lose weight and quit sugar addiction, I learned it was important to take care of my body from the inside, not just from the outside. And somehow, I found you on the internet! I then purchased your ebook 1, juicer, and blender and started a plant-based lifestyle. My body has gradually changed, I have felt less stressed, and I less crave for junk food. I've also naturally lost weight. Before starting my new lifestyle, I couldn't eat a salad without dressings that had strong flavors, so I was suspicious if your veggie-only-recipe with little sauce or seasonings could be tasty. But I was wrong. I didn't know that vegetables themselves were that good. I'm now enjoying the meal with more veggies, less seasonings and salt, which is pretty surprising for me. My new lifestyle has inspired people around me as well. My boyfriend also started raw recipe of yours. This is my testimonial! Thank you Loni for sharing your lifestyle with us. I look forward to your new ebook! Regards,

Marina Ishii

Loni - you are the person who started me and my family on the road to health and happiness! I found you by accident whilst trying to find vegan food ideas for my baby boy who has anaphylaxis to all diary products, nut and eggs. Not knowing much about a healthy lifestyle myself, I was totally mesmerised by the beautiful photographs on your Instagram account and the transformation began! I now shop at organic markets, order and eat a box of bananas a week (people think I'm mad!!!) as well as following lots of your other delicious recipes.Everyone comments on how glowing I look and I feel amazing! Thank you so much!


Loni, I have tried many health fads & "diets" over the years but never with success... i have purchased "bikini body guides" from fitness instructors but once again, never with success.. I have been following you on instagram for a few years now (i remember you posting your pregnancy announcement with Rowdy ?) and i can honestly say, YOU have given me success. I literally woke up one day and just thought "im sick of feeling like shit, it is time to treat myself better" and from that day i have been so excited and genuinely interested and happy with the foods i have been creating & eating. While i have not purchased your ebook (financial reasons not because i havent wanted to) i have however picked up a few of your ways via your instagram and snapchat. Your Instagram is honestly the most inspirational and yummy page!! I scroll through and i always need to eat again ? You inspire me to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, not to diet!! To make some cleaner decisions about what i am putting into my body. I now love eating a plate full of colours, fresh plant based foods that genuinely makes me feel so good inside & out.. Last night i made some pasta sauce you posted on your snapchat a little while ago (cauliflower, garlic, almond mylk & nutritional yeast YUM!!) I am a mum and a wife and had fallen into the trap where i was constantly making my little girl beautiful fresh foods and making sure she was full and then id have 5 mins to grab something for myself to scoff down, and i would aways turn to the shitty option (often a mother energy drink and chocolate! ??) the affect it was having on my body is disgusting. From the moment my daughter started solids i have made her food and checked any and every ingredient that she eats.. i decided it was time i treated myself the same and yeh, wow.. i am feeling so good. I have so much energy, and i am eating so much more now than i ever have!! (But, good foods now ?) I have had alot of issues with ovarian cysts & endometriosis and while the doctors keep saying theres nothing we can do and that i will keep getting them and keep having to have surgeries, with this new leaf in my book turned i am feeling positive i can make a difference and help my body.

Loni, Thank You

Hey Loni Im 15, and started my vegan journey about a year ago, thanks to you! Not long after I bought your first ebook, as if followed you on Instagram and was in love with the lifestyle you promoted! I overcame my eating disorders and finally started eating plant foods that nourished my body and made me feel amazing. I'm not longer deficient in iron, zinc or calcium, and I haven't been sick in almost 2 years. I've become way more focused in school and I now have the energy the to absorb all the information being taught, and I'm getting the marks I never got, because of this. My skin is clear, I'm at a healthy weight, the positive results from this life style and it's all thanks to you! You inspire me everyday and not to mention how amazing your ebook is! It was so helpful in making sure I had interesting and nutritious food to eat everyday (I'm obsessed with rawnola) as well as amazing tips about skincare ect. I can't thank you enough for who you are, and I know so many other people are being helped because of you!


Hi Loni!!! I am so glad you have asked for testimonials, now I can tell you how grateful and appreciative I am for everything you have done for me! Here it goes! How has Loni Jane helped me? In so many ways that I never even thought were imaginable. I don't even know where to begin. Like many people, my eyes were opened to the world of veganism with the help of social media. For as long as I can remember there have been millions of social media accounts where vegans from all over the world were giving the rest of us an insight into their vegan lifestyles. And because of this widespread, provocative social "trend," veganism met lots of critisicm and judgement from the rest of the world, but Loni has helped entirely reshape this image and change the way people will see veganism forever. It was because of the power social media that I made the change to a vegan lifestyle. Loni in particular was a person who really stood out amongst the millions of accounts that were out there. They were all doing the same thing - sharing photos of their food, recipes, tips and just generally spreading the vegan message. But Loni had such a positive, beautiful, vibrant and unique way of sharing her food and lifestyle which made this particular way of living really resonate with me. She helped open my eyes to a completely different way of living, not only through her instagram account but also through her incredible recipe ebook. Not only does her book contain dozens of delicious, wholesome recipes but it's also jam packed with helpful nutrional advice, and many tips and tricks when it comes to thriving on a vegan diet. I find myself religiously referring to her book for tips and recipes whenever I am in need and it never fails me. The presentation and photography is spectacular and you can really see that Loni has put a lot of thought, effort and love into the final product. Having it right there on my iPhone also makes it super convenient, we are in 2016 after all! I cannot wait for her second book to come out, if it is anything like her first book I probably won't be able to put it down! Loni has done an amazing job at sheading a postive light over veganism, and has shown the world that you CAN be strong, fit, happy and healthy when you are powered solely by plants. So many people have ridiculous preconceived ideas that you won't get enough protein if you're a vegan, that you'll be iron deficient, that you'll be weak and tired, and Loni has certiainly proven them all wrong. Not only does Loni prove that us vegans can be just as healthy and fit as people who eat meat, dairy and eggs, but she has also shown us that women can have healthy, normal vegan pregnancies and raise gorgeous, healthy plant-powered babies! There are myths out there that raising your children on a vegan diet is impossible, harmful and negligent. But once again Loni has defied these odds and concerns by having two healthy vegan pregnancies. Anyone who follows along with Loni's journey knows that her son Rowdy is the most happy, healthy, bubbly little boy. Not to mention adorable! Loni is bravely challenging the norms of our society by cutting out meat, dairy and eggs from her diet, having vegan pregnancies, and raising vegan children and this is something that I think a lot of people admire about her so strongly. Anyone can be a follower and can continue going on with societal traditions, but not everyone has the courage to stand against the crowd and do something that most people think is bizarre. I could go on and on about how amazing, inspiring, charismatic and life changing Loni and her beautiful family are, but I'd probably end up writing a whole ebook myself! I can't thank Loni enough for the positive outcome she has had on my life. I am eighteen years old, have been a vegan since March 2015 and have never looked back. And I have Loni to thank for that every single day of my life. I feel so grateful to have discovered the vegan lifestyle, it's been an amazing journey so far and I feel even more thrilled that Loni is there for me to look up to every step of the way. My only regret is that I didn't become a vegan sooner!!! Veganism is the fastest growing social justice movement in the world, and Loni Jane is one of the most prominent and influential faces behind the entire movement. Thank you so much Loni! Lots of love,

Georgie de Kauwe xoxo (From Sydney, Australia)