About Loni Jane

31 year old Earthling, mother, photographer and creative artist from Queensland, Australia.

I am 31 years young with two healthy plant powered kids. Two amazing energetic vibrant pregnancies and both all natural births, Rowdy my first was born March 2014 at 42 weeks and gave birth on the floor and Polly my second born April this year 2016 in the water at 41 and a 1/2 weeks. Just living proof that eating an abundance of plants does wonders for the body and grows amazing little human beings!

I pride myself on living my passion and I thrive on vibrant, simple healthy living across all aspects of my life. A lot of people think I’ve been healthy my whole life, but that’s certainly not the case. Like most of my generation, during my teenage years to early 20’s I lived a lifestyle full of processed food, alcohol and lack of sleep. I enjoyed many nights out, I wasn’t active enough and I had too many toxic people around me. Living such an acidic lifestyle led me to ill health as well as internal and physical issues and symptoms I could no longer ignore. This included acne, cellulite, weight gain, candida, malnourishment, hair loss, plus an endless list of immune illnesses, viruses and parasites. And that’s naming just a few things on a long list of issues.

The day I made the conscious decision to live a plant-based lifestyle, my life changed for the better. Complete healing didn’t happen overnight, but every day I would feel and see improvement. It had taken years to get as unwell as I was, so I had to be patient and let my body heal with time, and that is exactly what I did, took one day at a time.

Throughout all elements of my life, I now commit myself daily to be the best version of myself I can possibly be. My passions are being a focused mother, Earth-loving foods, respect for the world around me, self love and sharing my lifestyle with others. I believe in a sustainable lifestyle without fad diets, quick fixes, calorie restriction or excessive exercise.

Stabilising your body through an abundance of nutrition, living an active lifestyle and self love are the keys to change for the better. Plant-based living has a ripple effect in a good way! Once you start, you can’t help but improve in all areas of your life … and in turn, help others in theirs. It guides us slowly to our higher self of love, compassion and sharing, to love each other, see the truth and respect Mother Earth.

Just remember, everyone is on their own journey, living and learning as they go. If my books make an impact on you and inspire you to adjust your life for the better, then I am happy! It only takes one spark to light the flame.

If I can take a small part in kickstarting your journey to optimal health and balance, my spirit shines brighter and so will yours!