Dear Loni.

Thank you so much for being a positive role model for myself and others out there!
I purchased your e-book after finding your instagram page and thinking ‘wow she is awesome’. It was more for a curiosity side of things to begin with if I can be completely honest.
I have always had a horrible relationship with food. I would ALWAYS eat the wrong things, junk food, take away meals, you name it. If it wasn’t healthy it was sure to be in hand/mouth. I remember once being asked if i had been to the local Newcastle show as my lunch looked like a showbag! (how embarrassing)
I had always been a size 8 and never really had to worry about weight as such but I was not as gifted as some may have thought. I had other underlying issues that I couldn’t work out nor control.
I noticed I always had a dull look to my skin, hair loss, ended up finding out I had endometriosis and suffered with major candida issues just to name a few.
Since reading a multitude of books and doing extensive research, I finally decided that I was fed up and had enough. I dug through my computer and go out your e-book and it began.
I put all my research together and noticed similarities.
I made a snap decision that the next morning I was going to drastically change everything. I started off making smoothies every morning for breakfast and waking up half an hour earlier to go for a walk to kick start my day.
Of course my partner and my mum thought this was another ‘FAD’ of mine and it wouldn’t last longer than a week… How they were wrong!
Its now been about 7 weeks (I know, not a drastic time frame) I have swapped out ALL my junk foods for healthy options – not so much to a fully raw diet but predominately ‘raw til 4’.
I have noticed I don’t crave sweet foods anymore, I don’t reach for a coke or a chocolate bar – I now crave protein rich foods like eggs or salmon or a yummy protein smoothie.

I know I’m nothing special and my testimonial isn’t about a full change to a raw diet but i feel you have influenced my change in lifestyle immensely!

TODAY! I have my lemon water on my desk at work and yummy home made sushi, instead of a coke and KFC lunch! Look at me go!

Thank you again for being your fabulous self. I really admire you.