Hi Loni!

I would love to start this message with an enormous thank you, you and your inspirational accounts/posts and most importantly the most wonderful ebook in the world have single handed my turned my life around in every aspect imagineable!
A bit of history, all through 2012-2014 I suffered from extreme stomach cramping and discomfort daily, I had always eaten everything and could not understand what the problem was. I then commenced a huge 1.5 year investigation into what was going wrong in my body, I went for blood tests/ultrasounds/scans/ specialist appointments/special diets I tried everything to no avail, I was still in constant pain. By now it was 2014 and I was forced to miss over half of my final schooling year due to the immense pain I was in, doctors were stumped and concluded that I would have to spend my life on a cocktail of medications to attempt to manage the pain I was in, as they couldn’t fix it and told me this would just be my life. I then became incredibly depressed, eating loads of junk food because what’s the point in looking after yourself if your always going to be in excruciating pain? It was then that I started seeking alternative opinions, I found your Instagram and read about your similar experiences, I was so touched and inspired by you, I couldn’t believe someone had gone through a similar hell to what I was in, and had made it out happier/healthier and stronger than ever! I was convinced I had to try to eat and live like you as I felt this was my last chance at having a normal life and being happy! As soon as I started eating HCLF I noticed a changed, I had energy again, my stomach pains had decreased drastically, I started to feel positive and optimistic again and I started to get into better shape! I could not believe it, I was prepared to live a whole life in misery when the answer was so simple all along! When your ebook came out is when my life really turned the corner, I now had a whole book of priceless information about your way of life; I spent hours reading and staring at all your beautiful pictures/recipes/hints and tips about this wonderful lifestyle, it was then that I knew I would be vegan forever, this was now my life and my passion. Once again, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to you Loni, for sharing your life on Instagram and through your ebooks with others like myself who aren’t sure how to make such a drastic yet amazing change in their life and seek your guidance. Feel the Lean has been my holy grail to go to whenever I get questioned about my way of eating, whenever I’m struggling for a new exciting recipe or just whenever I feel down because the positivity and amazing vibes in your ebook positively radiate out of the pages and onto whomever reads it! Feel the Lean and your wonderful soul has both inspired and changed me in so many positive ways, my life now is 100000x better than it was when I was living in pain and sickness, but a HCLF diet has cleansed my whole body and mind and made me into a more compassionate, happy person than I have ever before been; thank you so much for spending so long on such a gorgeous, personal piece of work such as Feel the Lean and I cannot wait to get my hands on Feel the Lean 2.0! I’m counting down the days…

Thank you again Loni, words cannot express the immense gratitude I feel for all you and your ebook have done for me! Sending good vibes and love in you and your wonderful families direction…

Kind regards