Hey Loni,

I did write to you when I first received your ebook, but now that I have used it so much, I will give you an update if it helps, even if you don’t use this testimonial.

I first came to the vegan lifestyle after watching Cowspiracy and Earthlings, and soon found your inspiring Instagram page! Definitely felt like finding gold! I have always loved how you capture your moments in nature and your beautifully and deliciously presented meals full of the most vibrant fruits and veg. I purchased ‘Feel the Lean’, because I also aimed to achieve the health benefits of living plant-based. I absolutely love all the recipes! My favourites will always be a ‘banana whip’, an ‘easy raw salad’, ‘berryana pancakes’ and ‘sweet potato rice balls’!! Everything is so delicious!! The entire ebook is so visually stimulating and enriching. Loni has done a fantastic job, and even the ebook itself is delicious with all the brilliantly captured images, Loni’s experience and advise, and I enjoy how down-to-earth she is, instilling in the reader the idea that this lifestyle is sustainable and fun. I like the perspective she has on life and on taking care of the human body and the planet. Seriously can’t wait for the new release of ‘Feel the Lean 2.0’. Cheers to this rad babe!

All the best to you and your fam bam :*

Lots of love xx