Hi Loni!!
I read your e-book last August – right as I was finishing up Uni. While I am not yet completely 80/10/10, I am inching towards there more everyday. I suffered from so much anxiety around food for so many years (and also burned out from partying too much, not taking care of myself, etc.), but it wasn’t until I read your e-book and started reading up on your lifestyle that I have been freed from so much of this anxiety. This lifestyle is truly freedom and peace of mind. Just yesterday, I found myself telling my best friend to try eating a few bananas for breakfast, and then eating some more fruit a couple hours later – after she said “I feel so good after eating fruit but it doesn’t fill me up and I can’t stomach more than a few pieces of fruit at once.” Everything in my body has started to sort itself out. I feel happier, have so much more energy and clarity, feel my age again (I’m only 24), and am calmer and more balanced. Also, just like you’ve mentioned, I feel like my emotions somehow flow out easier and I can’t in a bad mood, angry, anxious, or cranky for long. I also love the simplicity of the lifestyle and I feel much more connected to animals and nature. I also love how you stress in the e-book how it’s about progress not perfection and you really encourage people to go at their own pace – unlike most other touted ways of eating.

I have taken my time with adjusting to this lifestyle – as I wanted it to be a natural progression. I just focused on adding in more of the good stuff – lots of fruits, veggies, and easy to digest carbs. It’s been amazing to discover that I do not in fact want to dairy, meat, or junk…that these cravings can in fact go away and are not inherent. It’s so cool to get to the point that I truly choose something nutritious over something unhealthy and I don’t feel cheated, I feel lucky and excited.

For so many years, I was confused about what I should eat – what was healthy (meat, carbs, dairy, waaa?) and what would make me skinny (small portions, no carbs, only raw, ahhh!!). But reading your e-book alleviated ALL THIS CONFUSION. Years of confusion! Everything you say makes SO MUCH sense and resonates on an intuitive level. Which brings me to another thing, I feel sooo much more in tune with myself and like I can hear my intuition more. It’s almost a no-brainer now – which has also really helped my confidence.

Ohh and how could I not mention how YUMMY all the recipes are !! I’m obsessed with the banana cereal & mylk, banana ice cream, coconut curry, big salads with rice, and truly everything you post on your Instagram. Your palette is on POINT and I trust every one of your recipes will be DELICIOUS – because they all have been so far!

Yay – honestly, I hope I can convey how life-changing reading your e-book has been! I also love how you mention that you are not trying to preach or knock people over the head with your lifestyle – but it’s simply what has worked wonderfully for you. What a refreshing, wonderful dose of coolness & humility 🙂 Made me trust and admire you all the more.

You’re awesome. Thank you so much. Truly cannot wait another day for Ebook numbaa 2! Have checked your Insta everyday to see what day it’s coming out!

Thank you!!
All my best 🙂