Hey Loni

I just saw your Insta post and cannot WAIT for your next e-book. The previews you’ve shared look amazing.

I wanted to share how you and your book have inspired my health journey…

Early last year I started seeing a naturopath as I had terrible adult acne and I was at my wits end with the doctors. They put me on six different contraceptive pills, tried to put me on hormone replacement therapy (HRT)… the list goes on, and surprise surprise, nothing was working!

My naturopath did a blood test and I found out I’m intolerant to dairy, gluten and a few other things which totally threw me. I embraced it and stuck to my new “diet” for about 6 months, but quickly became bored and had major cravings for all sorts of foods I knew weren’t good for me.

I fell off the wagon and went back to stuffing my face with those foods that were causing my body to cry out in help. My acne came back, my skin was dull and I put on weight. I kept turning a blind eye to the signs until I stumbled across an article about you on news.com.au – I found your Instagram and I was instantly obsessed with your amazing photos and beautiful food creations.

I purchased your 1st e-book immediately and consequently, I’ve re-found my love for looking after my number one asset – my body – and I’m now back on the path to wellness. My skin has cleared up immensely (it’s not perfect but it’s a huge improvement!) and I’m craving those bad foods less and less. Plant based foods (and smoothies!) and as good as any medicine, the evidence speaks for itself. It just took reading about you and seeing your transformation to give me the kick up the arse I needed.

So a huge THANK YOU for being such an inspiration.