I wanted to show you what we get up to when we head out to grab some things at our local shopping centre,  we don’t go often but when we do we make sure to make it fun while we also grab everything we need.

We have been collaborating with the lovely team at our local Shopping mall, Robina Town Center for 4 or 5 years now. They have put so much effort into supporting the  ‘healthy lifestyle’, fun nature-based kids spaces and activities, eco-friendly and a plant-based lifestyle movement and are one of the first Australian shopping centres to do so!

And by having these options in mainstream shopping centre gives a mass amount of people other healthier more conscious options. Which makes me so happy. We are constantly bombarded with bad food and fast fashion in shopping malls but Robina is a breath of fresh air, they give you the option to do so many other things in their space.

 I was having a chat with Lauren who is on the marketing team last week and I mentioned to her that I would love to do a feature on my blog –  ‘family shopping day at Robina’, She was thrilled, so she left me a goodie bag at customer service with some awesome vouchers and we were ready to roll!

So here it is, what myself and the kids/ family get up to when we are at a mainstream shopping centre including vegan eats and what we buy.

Robina Town Centre in the Gold Coast.

The first thing we usually get something to eat, this time it was a yummy Acai Bowl and a green juice!

Next up was some bulk food and beauty items from Naked bulk Foods, loading up on cashews (to make cheese and dressings), corn (for popcorn on our movie nights), activated charcoal (for my black detox smoothies), soaps (for the shower and the dishes), gluten-free pasta and a Konjac sponge (to use with my face cleanser).

A quick stop at Hero Sushi for some avocado sushi ‘to go’ while I pushed the kids around in the stroller to go and drop Rowdy’s glasses off at the Optometrist, Level 28. So while we were waiting for them to get fixed we went and played in the new Rainforest play area in The Kitchens, it’s stunning and the kids loved it! a very sweet nature-based play area for kids and parents to interact between getting things done and sharing meals with family and friends. We went in and out of the Rainforest play area the whole time we were at Robina, it was a great way to break up the time in the stroller

And then it was back to meet up with some friends at The Kitchens while we shared some yummy Coco whip (we took out own spoons to save some plastic where we can)

We walked around for a couple more hours. Did some shopping, grabbing the usual things like Tooshi eco nappies and wipes from Woolworths, brown rice crackers, visited the health shop to get some conditioner (Springfields is my favourite at the moment) and grabbed Rowdy some new shoes before Daddy came and met up with us after he finished work! it was late in the afternoon so we decided to grab an early dinner at the Teppanyaki restaurant upstairs at The Kitchens, we ordered the vegetarian bowl (asked to not be cooked with butter) it was delicious! we also had lots of edamame and miso soup too!

Daddy always loves ice cream treats so we stopped at the next restaurant across from teppanyaki, Elixiba. We ordered the chocolate ice-cream and a chameleon lemonade to share for dessert before headed home! This was the first time the kids had tried a fizzy drink, they were so confused as to why it was so ‘tangy’ haha.

we wrapped it up with some more running around and the and the end result was a stroller loaded full, Polly with no shoes, food all over her clothes and her hair wild! We ate lots of yummy vegan food, loaded up on goodies, caught up with friends and enjoy a family meal. The kids had a blast!

I like to take my own bag or basket to the shops and place it in the bottom of the stroller so it minimises bag usage! this was it is also easy to place into the care and then from the car into the house 🙂

I use this dish and soap for my dishes and cleaning hands, it suds up beautifully and doesn’t dry out my skin too much like regular dishwashing liquid.

The Black Charcoal soap is beautiful on the body and washes the day away so gently, not leaving your skin feeling dry and grippy. It contains no palm oil which is a big YES from me! the base is made from coconut oil. It doesn’t irritate my skin which most soaps do. And I think its really pretty, I just love the colour black, can you tell?? Haha

The konjac sponge has been a favourite of mine for a few years now and they make great gifts for friends and family too. Konjac sponge is made from the plant fibre of Konjac plant, the sponge gently exfoliates and deep cleanses, great for use with face cleanser to remove dirt and makeup,

it gentle enough for daily use, 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable and is great for sensitive skin.


I use the activated charcoal a few different ways but one of my faves is my gentle detox Black Smoothie. Charcoal is known to adsorb toxins from the body and flush them out through the bowels. Making sure you drink lots of good water after your smoothie to assist your body to eliminate the waste.

Another great tip is having an infrared sauna a few hours after the smoothie or doing exercise, this further assists the body during the detox process.






Place all ingredients into a high-speed blender and blend until smooth.

Pour into a pretty jar and top with edible flowers (optional)


*(please don’t take charcoal with any medications for it may lessen the effect by adsorbing it)

The kids love this Rainbow Fun bath play dough, you take a small amount and it turns the water bubble and colourful and it also smells amazing and washes all the dirt off. The lush store is against animal testing and supports veganism strongly, this jar is also made out of 100% recycled plastic. I love people who care about the environment:)

Side note – we would not normally eat this many times during one outing but I wanted to show you some of the yummy food options while at Robina!


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Loni Jane x