Hi Loni!!!

I am so glad you have asked for testimonials, now I can tell you how grateful and appreciative I am for everything you have done for me! Here it goes!

How has Loni Jane helped me? In so many ways that I never even thought were imaginable. I don’t even know where to begin. Like many people, my eyes were opened to the world of veganism with the help of social media. For as long as I can remember there have been millions of social media accounts where vegans from all over the world were giving the rest of us an insight into their vegan lifestyles. And because of this widespread, provocative social “trend,” veganism met lots of critisicm and judgement from the rest of the world, but Loni has helped entirely reshape this image and change the way people will see veganism forever. It was because of the power social media that I made the change to a vegan lifestyle. Loni in particular was a person who really stood out amongst the millions of accounts that were out there. They were all doing the same thing – sharing photos of their food, recipes, tips and just generally spreading the vegan message. But Loni had such a positive, beautiful, vibrant and unique way of sharing her food and lifestyle which made this particular way of living really resonate with me. She helped open my eyes to a completely different way of living, not only through her instagram account but also through her incredible recipe ebook. Not only does her book contain dozens of delicious, wholesome recipes but it’s also jam packed with helpful nutrional advice, and many tips and tricks when it comes to thriving on a vegan diet. I find myself religiously referring to her book for tips and recipes whenever I am in need and it never fails me. The presentation and photography is spectacular and you can really see that Loni has put a lot of thought, effort and love into the final product. Having it right there on my iPhone also makes it super convenient, we are in 2016 after all! I cannot wait for her second book to come out, if it is anything like her first book I probably won’t be able to put it down!
Loni has done an amazing job at sheading a postive light over veganism, and has shown the world that you CAN be strong, fit, happy and healthy when you are powered solely by plants. So many people have ridiculous preconceived ideas that you won’t get enough protein if you’re a vegan, that you’ll be iron deficient, that you’ll be weak and tired, and Loni has certiainly proven them all wrong. Not only does Loni prove that us vegans can be just as healthy and fit as people who eat meat, dairy and eggs, but she has also shown us that women can have healthy, normal vegan pregnancies and raise gorgeous, healthy plant-powered babies! There are myths out there that raising your children on a vegan diet is impossible, harmful and negligent. But once again Loni has defied these odds and concerns by having two healthy vegan pregnancies. Anyone who follows along with Loni’s journey knows that her son Rowdy is the most happy, healthy, bubbly little boy. Not to mention adorable! Loni is bravely challenging the norms of our society by cutting out meat, dairy and eggs from her diet, having vegan pregnancies, and raising vegan children and this is something that I think a lot of people admire about her so strongly. Anyone can be a follower and can continue going on with societal traditions, but not everyone has the courage to stand against the crowd and do something that most people think is bizarre. I could go on and on about how amazing, inspiring, charismatic and life changing Loni and her beautiful family are, but I’d probably end up writing a whole ebook myself! I can’t thank Loni enough for the positive outcome she has had on my life. I am eighteen years old, have been a vegan since March 2015 and have never looked back. And I have Loni to thank for that every single day of my life. I feel so grateful to have discovered the vegan lifestyle, it’s been an amazing journey so far and I feel even more thrilled that Loni is there for me to look up to every step of the way. My only regret is that I didn’t become a vegan sooner!!! Veganism is the fastest growing social justice movement in the world, and Loni Jane is one of the most prominent and influential faces behind the entire movement.

Thank you so much Loni!

Lots of love,