I am so happy to write this because I talk about it quite a lot. I am so grateful for you and all of your work!

I had been through ups and downs with my health and my body had taken quite a toll. My skin was dull and my nails were brittle whenever I managed to lose weight. So when I first started following you what struck me the most was that you RADIATE health. Your skin is always glowing and clear, your hair is always thick and shiny, and you’ve stayed healthy and lean through two pregnancies!

Your take on nutrition and the recipes and tips (my favorite part) in your first ebook completely transformed my understanding of healthy eating: I finally recognized that nutrition didn’t just affect the waistline, but your skin, hair, etc. I always tell friends who ask me about the plant-based lifestyle to look you up not only because of the variety and tastiness of your recipes (GLO juice is one of my favorites), but also because of the message you send. So many people in all camps of nutrition are lean, but few roll out of bed in the morning glowing from all the vitamins and nutrients in their diet. The recipes and tips in your ebook work better on the skin than most cosmetics on the market. I’ve been following you since forever and over the years your radiance and your beautiful dishes have always sent such an important message: beauty and health are literally inside-out!