Hi Loni,

I’m Marina from the US (I used to live in Australia as well!). I started your plant-based lifestyle a year ago. Before then, I often had snacks such as chips, ice cream, and chocolate especially when I got stressed. I knew that white sugar is not good for our health but it was so hard to quit. I put on weight like 10kg. I tried to lose weight in many ways but nothing lasted long.

Searching for a way to lose weight and quit sugar addiction, I learned it was important to take care of my body from the inside, not just from the outside. And somehow, I found you on the internet! I then purchased your ebook 1, juicer, and blender and started a plant-based lifestyle.

My body has gradually changed, I have felt less stressed, and I less crave for junk food. I’ve also naturally lost weight.

Before starting my new lifestyle, I couldn’t eat a salad without dressings that had strong flavors, so I was suspicious if your veggie-only-recipe with little sauce or seasonings could be tasty. But I was wrong. I didn’t know that vegetables themselves were that good. I’m now enjoying the meal with more veggies, less seasonings and salt, which is pretty surprising for me.

My new lifestyle has inspired people around me as well. My boyfriend also started raw recipe of yours.

This is my testimonial! Thank you Loni for sharing your lifestyle with us.
I look forward to your new ebook!