When I do a shopping haul its usually once every couple of months and I pretty much get everything in one go, and it works well when everything you need to get is mostly under the one roof! And now with the opening of ‘The Kitchens‘ at Robina recently, I can grab a Vegan meal ‘to go’ from somewhere like Naked Treaties, or have a sit-down meal with family or friends at Elixiba . The Kitchens is awesome because it also has an Asian food grocer and a fruit and vegetable market as well as a large supermarket all under the one roof! The Kitchens is so much more than just a food court, it’s a marketplace, a place to sit, share and ponder, to explore and hunt down goodies, to meet up and chat, and to find the produce/products that you can go home and create with.

Many of my followers are always keen to know what I’m buying, using and loving. My inbox is constantly full of questions like “where did you get this? where is that from? what do you use that for? where do I find that? what is that thingy?. I sure do love the interest and requests, so here it is a flat lay of my shopping hall.

Today’s finds are products I will use over and over again, many of them I have researched well before buying, I am not the impulsive buyer type, I think and research everything before I get it. These days I always choose cruelty-free products, minimal plastic wherever possible, I take large reusable shopping bags that I keep in my car at all times so I don’t have to get a bag every time I buy something from a store (even know they are pretty, crisp and fancy it really is such a waste) I just put everything together in my own bags and it makes it much easier for me to carry around and I don’t have to fill my recycle bin up when I get home full of extra useless bags.

Alright, let’s talk about the random things I find on my shopping haul. I have listed them with Store/brand details from #1-21


  1. Rice noodles from The Kitchens Robina Asian food grocery store, for making my Instant Noodles (recipe here), ramen, pho, one pot satay noodles and stir fry
  2. Dried mushrooms from The Kitchens Robina Asian food grocery store, I use these as a base to make Asian soup broth
  3. Authentic Japanese Green tea from The Kitchens Robina Asian food grocer, because the Japanese know their shit when it comes to tea
  4. A Winter Knit jumper for Rowdy from Zara Kids, I always choose a larger size so the kids get more wear from clothes and also cause rowdy really dislikes tight clothing lol.
  5. Went and signed the ‘Forever against animal testing’ petition at The Body Shop! Go and do it, and help stop animal testing in Australia!
  6. Vegan chocolate biscuits from Woolworths health/gluten free aisle, I will eat 2 and my lover will eat the rest haha
  7. A super cute winter knit jumper for Polly from Zara kids
  8. Learning chopsticks for Rowdy from King of Knives
  9. Rowdy’ss first cutting knife from King of Knives, he absolutely loved this! If you watch my Instagram stories you would see how much Rowdy loves being in the kitchen with me, He is 3 and can make his own juices, smoothies, crackers with avo, Rawnola and almond milk with very little assistance! Go Rowdy!
  10. A notebook for writing down recipes, ideas and thoughts, from Typo. (I fill these books up pretty fast.) this is how I put my Ebooks and Blogs together, well this is where they start with lots of scribble and notes
  11. Hemp soap on a rope, my partner has loved this soap for years. And is such a great gift too! Pair it with the Hemp exfoliating mitt and wrap it in some brown paper for an earthy gift.
  12. Potato slicer, aka the best thing ever! Saving me so much time making fries!
  13. Hemp scrub glove! (told you I would find a more eco exfoliating mitt! yew) check out my beauty blog post here
  14. Glass jars, from Wheel and Barrow. I am a long time jar lover, ‘hoarder’ my partner says is more accurate haha
  15. A taller jar than the one before hehe
  16. A classic black top made from linen that I can wear over and over, a timeless piece. The designer is Bec and Bridge from David Jones
  17. Black strap molasses, if you want healthy hair, skin and an Iron boost you will love this black goop. This is my favorite brand because the taste and texture is by far easiest to consume, Melrose brand from Healthy Life
  18. Vitex, a herb also known as chaste tree or chaste berry. Vitex encourages the restoration of hormonal balance and regulates the female reproductive cycle. My hormones are a little unbalanced due to stress and sleep deprivation atm and this is doing wonders for me
  19. Calm kids essential oil for the diffuser to infuse the house with calming vibes when the kids are being a little too wild, the brand is Springfield’s from Healthy life
  20. The Apple Slinky Slicer. aka the best thing ever, says rowdy! it takes the core out of the apple and slices it into a slinky thing, so cool! from King of Knives
  21. Leggings for Polly, a winter necessity. from Zara kids

I hope this blog post has inspired you to find some more purposeful purchases on your next Shopping Mall Haul.

Let me know in the comments on my Instagram @lonijane photo what you thought of this blog post!


Loni x