So I just want to talk about salt for a moment.

I mention a lot about ‘low sodium’ ‘low salt’ in my Instagram posts and throughout my eBook. Why low salt you say? well salt for me and for a lot of people causes a build up of fluid throughout the body which some may call “water retention”. It can make you look like you have a few extra pounds on you when really it is only water weight and water weight is much easier to get rid of then fat. This is another reason why the number on the scale can be misleading as far as actual body fat weight loss is concerned, so ditch the scales!

Why does salt make you retain fluid in the body? ever notice how some days your hands or feet seem more puffy, or that your belly and legs seems to giggle more some days haha? or that your rings seem tight? water retention is most likely the cause of that and a diet high in sodium is the culprit. when you consume high sodium foods like most processed food, salted chips, dressings, sauces, table salt, bread, condiments, our body will use water to try and dilute the sodium within the cells (why do you think you get thirsty after you eat salty food?) your body holds onto the fluids you intake to help battle the sodium overload which intern causes a puffiness appearance and can cause cellulite. Cellulite I feel is caused more by excess sodium in the diet than fat. A good way to know if you are getting to much sodium in packaged foods its to look at the nutritional chart on the back and if it says more than 300mg of sodium per 100g then it is too much sodium. Try to keep that sodium below the 300mg mark.

A well-hydrated body is less likely to retain water and is more efficient at keeping a good balance of fluid in the body. Win the war on water retention but drinking more water. it seems silly to some people but honestly it is the truth! you need to battle the sodium by flushing it out with fresh water. and over time the extra water weight with be secreted through urine and sweat. Table salt is the most common cause of water retention due to how they process it, it has all the minerals taken out of it and chemicals added to it like anti caking agents and flavours. If you are going to consume salt make sure it is 100% natural and not process like pure sea salt or Himalayan pink salt, but make sure you use it sparingly.

All the recipes in my eBooks are all low sodium and will help you to keep the water weight down and most of the recipes with actually help flush excess water weight off your body!