Here it is, my detailed ‘Self Care Beauty Routine’, number #1. I will talk about the details of remedies, products, hair care, routines, anti-aging, practitioners and herbs/ supplements etc I’m using to help me look after this body I call a temple.

¬†After personally replying directly to thousands of people asking questions about what I’m using, doing, practicing for my natural beauty routine I have now compiled all the information below in one place!

Below is a flat lay of the current regime I am using. I rotate most of my products monthly depending on the season, hormones levels, travel, stock, testing out products but some products have been solid in my routine for years such as the spin brush, homemade face detox, dry skin brush, herbal formulas, tweezers, etc.

I have listed them all from number 1 – 26 with a detailed description of how I use it and what it does for me. The details also include highlighted clickable words that will take you directly to the product or more detailed information about what I have highlighted, just to make it easy for everyone ūüôā

Disclaimer – These products work for me, currently and may not work for everyone.

  1. Make up bag, by Bianca Trevino made by a group of women who believe in slow-fashion, we call them¬†¬īartisans¬ī. These lovely ladies pick-up¬†dry teak leaves, steam them, soak them again, hand place them on a flat marble¬†bed, press them, and then water-proof them to create Leaf fabric to later use to hand-make¬†the bags! so awesome and plus some percentage of sales go to elephant conservation!
  2. Apple cider vinegar mist – I mix half ACV with half pure distilled water into a spray bottle. I spray this on my hair before washing and use this on my face after I get out of the shower, it smells funky but it does wonders.
  3. Dry Skin Brush – our lymphatic system needs manual pumping to rid excess fluid and toxins, exercise and dry brushing do this! If you have time for this daily or even a few times a week- do it!
  4. Supplements¬†– Every now and then I rotate with random supplements¬†that I extensively research before consuming. At the moment I am taking Evening Primrose oil¬†and Lysine¬†Daily, mainly for the benefits of balancing¬†hormones, plumping the skin, reduce blemishes and great for the reproductive area. I also took EPO during my pregnancy with Polly and inserted it close to the cervix during the last few weeks before labor, which helps soften and ‘ripen’ the cervix.
  5. Exfoliating glove – it is always a must have in the shower and helps wash every part of your body well, I’m on the hunt for an eco-friendly one?.
  6. Detangling hair brush РThis is a must for long hair. Have owned this for years and years! I brush my hair before I get in the shower, this makes it easier to wash and manage my long hair.
  7. Homemade face detox РI mostly use this as a scrub 4 times a week, rub it on my face before I jump in the shower (leave it on for 5 minutes or so, then use the Spin brush then wash it off with the cleanser) Super easy to make with only 3 ingredients, dead sea salt, bentonite clay and virgin coconut oil! I get all the ingredients at my favorite store The Source Bulk Foods.
  8. Herbal tonic liquid – I have been taking herbs for around 6 years or so now, it has become a part of daily life and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I also reap the benefits from it so much. The formula always changes depending on what my body needs at the time and my naturopath¬†always customize it perfectly. Two amazing naturopaths that I have used time and time over for the past 7 years in the gold coast are Wayne and Hayley from Natmedica¬†and Kimballe from Cel- Intelligence
  9. Hair care – currently using the Biology shampoo and conditioner, I only wash my hair 1-2 a week, my hair rarely gets too oily and dries dead straight. I also use coconut oil or hemp oil frequently on my hair as a treatment a few times a month.
  10. Deodorant – it so important to use as natural as possible deodorant, some deodorants have serious toxic chemicals that absorb directly into your lymph nodes in your armpits and into the breast tissue. Please use natural deodorants! Super important if you are breastfeeding also. I use Body Crystal which is working well for me.
  11. Skin Moisturiser – Ellovi Butter is like a whipped oil…it’s is seriously divine. I put it on every other day after a shower or beach day. Simple Coconut or Hemp oil works great too.
  12. Endota spa Essential oil perfume – rub onto wrist and neck in the morning and I feel blissed out. Super calming and smells like a fresh spring day in the sunshine.
  13. Cleanser – a gentle creamy cleanser that I use once a day at night. If your wear lots of makeup you may need something stronger, or rub coconut oil all over your face first then use the cleanser.
  14. Even Blend Serum, I discovered this serum during my express microdermabrasion at Australian Skin Clinics, I get a quick 30-minute Microdermabrasion while my partner entertains the kids at Robina Town Center, my local shopping center. These treatments are the best once a month skin lift ūüôā and the entire¬†Skinsitute product range they use is vegan-friendly¬†and contains fruit extracts and active ingredients! how cool, a large Australian brand, healing people from laser surgery and all sorts of things with vegan products! yew. The Even Blend Serum is great for healing pigmentation from pregnancy, hormone fluctuation and sun exposure and the results are all round smoother skin tone. I use this serum morning and night.
  15. The good old Vanity Planet Spin sprush, I have been using the VP spin brush for years! and if you have been following me for a while you would have seen it many times. It is so good for that extra scrub deeper into the skin. I was lucky enough to have this sent to me directly from Vanity Planet around 5 years ago (perks of being an influencer) and it has been in my skin routine ever since! get this spin brush for %70 off using code loni at the checkout.
  16. Nude nail polish, that is toxic free! yay for local company Sienna Byron Bay. The neutral color called Cherish is my fave.
  17. Anastasia brow tweezers, for maintaining my wild brows for the past 4 years. They also have amazing brow stencils!
  18. Jewelry pouch by Bianca Trevino, made from leaves, because how else would you store your cherished pieces other than in a leaf.
  19. Activated charcoal toothpaste, it whitens it cleans and doesn’t leach toxic fluoride into your body. Actually most of the time I just use bicarb soda, peppermint or thieves essential oil and coconut oil but this month I’m trying something new, and I really like it, although making my own toothpaste is much cheaper!
  20. Charles and Oliva Wooden toothbrush with a good cause, no plastic mean good for the environment and for every toothbrush sold they give a child in a developing country a toothbrush! share the love.
  21. Tarte mascara. I found this brand after asking my followers what they recommend and 90% of people said, Tarte!
  22. Inika BB cream those days or nights you want extra flawlessness without feeling clogged and caked.
  23. Inika Highlighter – for those glowy cheek and brow bones, sparkle sparkle.
  24. Neek Lippy – This doesn’t feel like a lipstick, cause lipstick I’m actually not a huge fan. But this feels like an extension of my lips. I wear the color, Pash!
  25. Banana Powder – By Australis, cause who doesn’t love a $15 product that covers the look of a sleep deprived Mumma.
  26. Lucky last – Good quality brushes from Vanity Planet that haven’t been plucked from a duck or taken from an animal! these brushes are beautifully soft and I love the wooden handles. The Brush set contains a lot¬†of great brushes that are held conveniently in the vegan leather pouch, but the ones featured are my everyday faves. Get this bursh set for 70% off using this code VGN70

I hope you all love this and found it informative and helpful. At the end of the day, I share information that you guys ask for and that I know would benefit others during their journey discovery, love, and care. If you did love this blog please let me know by commenting on my Instagram page!

I also have plenty more detailed information about beauty and self-care/ love in my first Ebook Feel the Lean 1.0 which you can find by clicking here.


Loni Jane x