Hi Loni,

I saw your post looking for testimonials on your IG, so I thought I’d send on in!

It was actually you that I came across on IG first, before I’d even heard of the vegan/plant based lifestyle. I was enthralled by your images and the way you presented the accessibility, beauty and benefits of plant based living. You are definitely to thank for the reason why I am now 1 year vegan and loving it! 4 months ago I purchased your first ‘feel the lean’ e book and became enthralled with plant based cooking, something that is now one of my biggest passions! I am now fascinated by the way plant foods have such an impact on our bodies and minds. Your carefully thought out and articulate recipes were the beginning of my successful plant based lifestyle, I still make your rawnola every morning without fail! Not e book related, but I hope once I have my own family I will be able to teach my children about the importance and kindness of the vegan lifestyle, you are continually inspiring to me. If you want, reach out to my IG @zofiasalgado xxx

Best wishes and much love,