After one year of living in our house, the time had come to give Polly’s room a re-do! Now that she is getting older and actually spending time in her room I wanted to make a little sanctuary for her to love. Here is a before photo!

When I put a room together, no matter if I think it’s going to work or not, it is always based on the vibe of the room and how I want to feel when spending time in here. The light is always the main focus of any room such as where the main light is, be it the natural light from a window or coming from artificial lights. Even where you place a lamp can change the feel of a room, a lamp can be one of two things, a reading aid at nighttime or as mood lighting so when placing a lamp somewhere make the connection to what it’s purpose is in the room and after you make that connection you can put a room together much easier and more naturally.

I have spent over a year sitting in Polly’s room, I now have a fair idea of lighting at different times of the day and I really design the room around that. Now that’s it’s winter here in Queensland I have moved Polly’s bed to the opposite side of the room because that side gets the most amount of sunshine and it keeps her warm during the day sleeps, plus on the morning naps I sit and watch her in awe as the soft sun casts a pretty pattern across her cloud like cheeks. We live in the mountains so it gets pretty chilly here on the winter nights so it’s great to have the kids rooms in the sun most of the day. On the other hand, they do get very warm in the summer, to warm, but that’s just Australian heat for Ya!

I designed her room based on what we use it for, feeding, sleeping, naps and some quiet play. I wanted an area we could chill out in, I love swinging chair/ Hammocks because the movement while on one sparks memories of blissfully lounging by the ocean on many different beaches around the world or sitting in my grandparents rocking chair at the farm by the fire chatting with my Pa.

Design a room that you naturally want to spend time because it has a warm vibe and cosy atmosphere, a room like this will create memories. When using material ‘things’ always give them a connection to the room, and make sure ‘things’ have a purpose in the room.

A plant is always a must for every room you spend time in, plants help draw in and clear toxins from the air and are scientifically proven to take out pollutants from carpet, paint, and furniture. Plus they are stunning and completely add a sense of peace in the atmosphere.. and I think we can all do with some more peace in our busy lives.

Personal touches to any room are a must, photos, clothing, accessories. You can tell a story with the personal touches in a room, which is another big vibe.

Connection with nature is important to me in any room, I love using neutral tones with hint of colors, just like nature and it’s blossoming flowers against the Browns of dirt and branches with white bright sunlight.

Adding crystals (mineral stones) can help the energy of a room and alter your own energy within the body. I chose Selenite for Polly’s room, this stone will assist her to contact the Divine Mind and to access the Angelic realm. It is a high vibration crystal, that also delivers clarity of mind, by cleansing the aura of negative energy build up, both within the physical and the etheric body. I also have a piece of magnesite to help Polly sleep deeply and as well as lucid dreaming that ignites the creative brain.

Himalayan salt lamps are so great for children’s rooms due to the benefits of cleaning the air of bacteria that carry molds, viruses, toxins, and allergens. The soft light warms the soul and calms the mind.

Here’s a list to tick off when putting a room together

  • What is the purpose of the room
  • Where is the lighting coming from and windows
  • Before buying something for a room think about what you already have somewhere else in the house that would better suit in this room
  • And before buying ask yourself what do you feel the room needs or is lacking, better lighting? A chill spot, a chair, a place to sit if the floor, plants, vibes.
  • Personal touches
  • Connection with nature (natural fibers such as wood, wovens, glass or lines etc)
  • What plants would suit the climate and lighting
  • Neutral tones with hints of color
  • Atmosphere; how to do you want to feel when you in the room, calm, relaxed, energetic, social?

You will find when you brainstorm this way that a room with come together quite naturally.

Items I found for this room were

  • Wooden frames / Kmart
  • White jumpsuit by Yoli & Otis from / Designer forum
  • Kids converse shoes / Platypus
  • Photo prints / Kmart
  • Glass frame – Kmart
  • Vase / Kmart
  • Chair- Loot Homewares
  • Linen Curtains – Pillow Talk
  • Salt lamp – Healthy life
  • wooden manikin – Typo
  • Things I already had were the Jute rug and cushions, teepee, mushroom, wooden rainbow (Grimms), dried flowers, crystals, Erving Penn flower print, basket, fruit toys, cot and tall boy.

Let me know if this post was helpful and if you ever end up doing up or designing a room based on my insight please share it with me, I would love to see your creations!

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Loni Jane x