The Polly Trapeze Swing / Limited Edition


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Best For ages 3+ 

The Polly Swing / LI M I T E D – E D I T I O N / Children’s Trapeze

  • Beautifully and custom designed by Loni Jane and her daughter Polly to easily fit into your home space
  • Aesthetically neutral and unisex
  • Great for building muscle /core strength and flexibility in your young child as they grow
  • Builds on their foundation of health
  • Builds body confidence and awareness
  • Get them off the screens for a while and moving their body
  • Great exercise to keep child healthy and fit
  • Sets them up for great strength, especially core strength, flexibility and confidence for future activities
  • Great activity along side any-other sport like bike riding, gymnastics, soccer, football, netball, tennis and dancing etc
  • Fun for ages 3+
  • Weight MAX 40kg ( best for children and young teenagers )
  • Adult supervision required
  • Proper fitting required for safe use
  • You will need to visit your local hardware store for correct bults depending on the area you wish to hang it
  • Do not set up trapeze in small area, too close to a balcony or unprotected area
  • Please set up or supply soft flooring underneath the swing
  • Best to start your child with the swing height at their armpits and build the height of the swing up over time as their confidence builds
  • Can be hung into ceiling beams, exposed beams, strong tree branch or door frame (with proper door frame brace)
  • Undercover hanging away from moisture/rain is recommend for the longevity of the trapeze swing
  • Use at own risk
  • You are responsible for your childs safety while in use

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 10 cm


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