Im a family gal! I love sitting around the dining table for meals to bring people together and connect over healthy food, my Mum encouraged it a lot while growing up and this special family bonding time helped me get through many of my ‘growing up’ struggles by talking it out and knowing I had people to talk to that loved me unconditionally. Many of my greatest memorize were made around the table with family.

I wanted to put together a simple but classic table set together to show you that doing this doesn’t cost a lot or take a lot of effort! you can use what you have and mix in a few new pieces if you need. Thrift or brand new, I love to have a mix of both.

My Little Helper, Rowdy 🙂

I like to make meals special any night of the week for no special occasion, other than, well every day you are alive with healthy food available to you is a special day.

Everything I have throughout my home is a mix of thrift, new and little plastic wherever possible. I love the blend of old and new, natural materials, rustic textures with crisp lines. I reuse many different things around the house and constantly recycle and change things around, this is how I get the most out of the ‘material things’ I possess. If you choose to buy something or obtain it, use it! or find a way to make it useful.


I wanted to quickly whip this up for a family dinner last week so I raced to my local shopping centre to get a few things. This is what I sourced

  1. White table cloth – Kmart
  2. Woven natural fiber placemats – Kmart (If you are going to support Mass companies like Kmart, be aware of what you buy from them or any store for that matter limit or cut out buying plastic items, fast fashion, and useless plastic toys)
  3. 6 Pack wine glasses- Kmart (I use the glasses for my fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, coconut water or kombucha!)
  4. Cutlery set – David Jones (Good cutlery is a must for me, expensive, cheap or thrift just find good quality ones and they will last you a lifetime)
  5. Large white bowls – Myer (bowls big enough for a good solid meal that will be versatile for many meals in the future)
  6. Wooden Salt and pepper grinders  – Wheel and Barrow
  7. Crystal glasses and candle plate – I got these thrift (so much good crystal stuff in thrift stores for cheap)
  8. Glass water bottle – thrift store

I hope you enjoyed and found this post helpful. Remember that food has been shared in a circle, around a table, fire, ceremonies for a looking time! Turn your tv off, put your phones away and use your time around the table with family and friends as a place to connect, share ideas, love, wisdom, food, conversation, laughter, and smiles. Create memorize.

If you have any questions feel free to comment on this featured Instagram post of my @lonijane profile or send me a message 🙂



Loni Jane x