The Children’s Trapeze Swing


Since having children I wanted to raise them to be strong, active and healthy humans. It brings me so much joy to see them thrive in their life with the ability of confidence within themselves to try things even if it’s new to them. I personally grew up a little weak with low energy and I still remember the lack of confidence I had in myself to want to try something but not feeling strong enough or energetic enough to do so. Well I never wanted my kids to feel that way with their approach to life. And something as simple as a trapeze swing for Pollys 2nd birthday helped them both build this strength, energy and confidence within themselves.

And so easy to facilitate when it comes in a pure package of limitless play.

It’s not about getting your kids to do workouts with you or forcing strength training it’s just about giving them some tools that will help them naturally build it. The trapeze has been great for just that, it first brings joy, it challenges your child to think, to move, to use their strength and body weight to create balance and flow.

It’s safe to say my kids absolutely love this trapeze and they will for many years to come. I even get on it from time to time too 🙂


• Durable materials

• Long-lasting

• Eco packaging – no waste plastic items

• Unisex

• Neutral tones to make a lovely addition to your home area of choice

Let create the next earth generation to growing up strong and healthy!