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Is there anything more classic than Vegemite on toast? Here’s my twist on this Australian staple, packed with nutrients and vitamins, I call it Multi-mite.


Vegemite. If you’re in Australia or New Zealand you’ll know what’s up. I practically grew up on the stuff, I don’t think there was a day I didn’t eat it, as I’m sure most of you Aussie kids can relate. But, for those elsewhere, you might be wondering why you might want to spread black tar on your toast. Vegemite is kind of indescribable, but it’s basically the perfect amount of salty tanginess in spread form. It’s definitely a love it or hate it kinda deal, so try it before you discount it! 

The only thing is, as much as I love Vegemite, it gives me a headache. And when something hurts your body every time you eat it, you’ve gotta give it up or try something new I guess. 

That’s why I created my very own version that I’ve named Multi-mite. There is something so satisfying about making your own spread anyway; creating something simple from scratch, knowing exactly the ingredients that went into it, and having an understanding of everything that it’s doing for your health and vitality. I don’t know about you, but that is the kind of stuff that just lights me up!

And the Vitamix is the ideal to create spreads, it’s so powerful that it whizzes them up in seconds. It’s too easy to just chuck all the ingredients in and turn it on, leaving you with something delicious and homemade in no time at all.

It’s called Multi-mite because it’s almost like a multivitamin – it’s as simple as that. I love to focus on getting my nutrients from food and this Multi-mite recipe gives me a big hit of the nutrients I need. All the good kinds like A, B’s, C, D, E, K, a hit of fatty acids, as well as an array of minerals including zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, selenium, potassium, copper and calcium.

In fact, the kelp that is in this recipe is the highest natural concentration of calcium in any food (yes, including milk!). Unlike other ‘Vegemite’ recipes, I decided to add kelp to my recipe because I’m always looking for ways to boost my family’s nutrient-intake. Really, I think we could all benefit from eating more seaweeds, it’s such an easy way to sneak in so many of the minerals that we lack in our modern diets.

But honestly, it’s just a really great spread to enjoy a few times a week and great for all ages. I’m stoked my kids love it so much, that little extra hit of nutrients is good for anyone! Keep it in the fridge and grab it out as and when you need. It also lasts for weeks and weeks in the fridge so long as it’s in a good airtight container.

My favourite way to eat it is on fresh, warm sourdough toast with goodness like plant butter and avocado, or topped with melted plant cheese. YUM! I love to add some extra greens like spinach, rocket or sprouts to finish up these combos, it’s not only super tasty but it really helps with digestion.

Quick sidenote about sourdough bread. Some people are surprised I eat bread at all, but sourdough is an entirely different thing to the usual white, processed bread. Sourdough is so probiotic-rich, and pretty much as simple as you can get. Good, proper sourdough is just flour and water and wild yeast made from those ingredients, which means that so long as it’s made with organic, stone-ground flour then it’s delicious, satisfying, and filling, and does absolutely none of the bad things that processed bread does for me. Working on your enzyme activity and stomach acid levels helps with digestion too, making grains even easier to enjoy. But, that’s a whole other story for another time (or you can read more in my Bloom ebook all about that!).

Now onto the Multi-mite recipe!



1/2 cup of nutritional yeast
1/2 cup of black tahini
1/4 cup of tamari
1 Tbs of coconut milk
1/2 Tbsp of dried kelp granules

  1. Place all of the ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth. You’re looking for a consistency that is runny enough to pour but still quite thick. Feel free to mess around with the ingredients if you need to, add more of anything to make a better consistency but do remember that once it’s in the fridge it will firm up.
  2. Pour into a nice glass lidded jar.
  3. Enjoy my version of ‘Vegemite’ lovers!

If you don’t fancy going all out with making your own, I really recommend these store-bought alternatives BMite and EveryMite.

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Loni Jane xx