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I got a huge pallet worth of local strawberries early this week for $5! Isn’t that ridiculous!?, seriously how can it be that cheap! It must be all the sunshine this sunny state gets that the berries are just blooming! Point to my story, everything I have consumed this week has had strawberries in it due to the sheer amount of strawberries I have on hand. So far I have made, Rawberry Jam, strawberry smoothie bowls, strawberry smoothies, strawberries and cream oats, overnight strawberry oats, strawberry pancakes and well just eating a whole lota strawberries. PS this bag below was just one of 3 bags that came from this huge strawberry haul.


But lets get to the star of the show, Oats.. oats have been a part of our history for thousands of years, they have been believed to be eaten by the ancient Egyptians. But mostly know in history by the Scottish as a staple food with a near endless supply of oats that helped them survive the coldest winters and food shortages. The Scottish were also regarded and known as very strong, hard physical workers, muscular, and smart thinkers, thanks to their large consumption of oats. They were also little meat eaters and mostly ate oats, potatoes, seaweed and kale, these were staple foods in their diet. How awesome is that, they were like mostly vegan, super healthy peeps before the trend of health was even around, cool cats.


Oats are amazing for heart health, with backed up scientific research that oats actually lowers bad cholesterol, control blood sugar levels, and preventing the formation of gallstones. High in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, manganese, fibre, zinc and magnesium just to name a few. Along with the its high protein and folic acid content it is an amazing food for the child-bearing women and their children. The high nutritional profile is why gym junkies, fitness models and body builders love oats, oats are amazing for muscle repair and cell rejuvenation.


With  Scottish history in my family blood I love and appreciate the simplicity of oats, I have very fond memories of having porridge for breakfast as a child through to my teenager years and even sometimes I would request it for dinner, my Mum would make a nice big warm batch in a large pot and we could always help ourselves to seconds or even thirds. Even when I was working for the man 5 days a week in my very unhealthy days I would still eat oats for lunch because of how cheap and easy they were to make at work, although I would add half a ton of sugar and cows milk on top..ew… what was I thinking, obviously I wasn’t haha.. I never did realise the nutritional value of oats until recently and I couldn’t be more happy to consume them on a regular basis for myself and my family.


Oats are satisfying because there seem to be endless ways you can eat them, with berries, add fruits, nut butters, with coconut, cooked with plant based milks, cooked with water, adding chia seeds, adding chocolate! You name it you can do it with oats. They are also awesome because they have a high content of complex carbohydrates and soluble fibre, which means they release their energy slowly, so after a fews bowl of cooked oats, I find myself not snacking between meals which in turn helps my digestion by giving my body a break in-between meals to break my food down and store energy or use it as needed, Instead of shovelling more food down when my digestive system hasn’t even digested my breakfast yet. When you give yourself a few hours at least in-between meals,  your body with love you for it! You will feel more energised and your next meal will be much more satisfying, trust me on this one.

I already have very special memories made eating with Rowdy at our family dining table, sharing, oats, smiles and love.




So here is the recipe for My simple Strawberries and Cream oats! hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


  • 1 Cup of Oats (organic preferably, rolled oats not quick oats) also depending on the brand of oats you may need more water, so add more water if needed
  • 1 1/2 cup of spring water
  • 1/4 cup of coconut flakes
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Brown rice malt syrup
  • Plant based milk (I used almond/ coconut)


  • Add the oats, coconut and water to a small/ medium pot over the stove and slowly bring to the boil (if you have time let the mixture soak in the water for 1 hour then lightly heat it) if you don’t have time just bring it to the boil slowly on medium heat and when boiling, when the water seems to be adsorbed turn heat off and let it sit for 5 minutes before serving.
  • Place a few big scoops of the oat mixture in a bowl (it should be steaming hot), top with strawberries, cinnamon and drizzle with malt syrup then pour over almond milk or coconut milk at the end
  • Enjoy and make sure you go for seconds or thirds 🙂

The ways you can make oats are pretty endless, so get creative with it and add in whatever you like. That way oats will easily become a great staple in your diet too and wont get boring. I have plenty of other oat recipes along with the Rawberry Jam, Rawnola, smoothie bowls and smoothies in my Feel The Lean eBooks which are availible here.

If you have leftovers from this recipe, add them to a glass jar and keep in the fridge for tomorrow’s breakfast, when you are ready to eat them just take the lid off and add in some fruity toppings and almond milk, done. Easy. Simple.

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Loni Jane x