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Feel the Lean ‘Bloom’ includes 200+ pages covering topics such as: My history and transition from ill health to a state of thriving. Eating plants and animals, Eating with the seasons. Health values & principles, Alcohol, Plastic, GMO’s & Gluten. Parasites & Candita, Healing, Detoxing & Fasting. Supplements & Minerals. Skin health, Acne & Cellulite. Natural beauty with tips, remedies and recipes. Digestion, Gut bacteria, Cravings, Hormones & the Female cycle. Lymphatic stimulation, Lymphersising, Exercising & Saunas. Realisation, Awareness, Anxiety, Self Control, Self Care & Self Love. Life purpose, Personal Development, Reaching your potential & The stars. Photographs on most pages & Memorable and inspirational quotes + so much MORE!

  • My history & transition
  • Eating plants & animals
  • Healing, Detoxing & Fasting
  • Skin health, Acne & Cellulite
  • Natural beauty with tips
  • Digestion,Cravings, Hormones
  • Self Control, Self Care & Self Love
  • Personal Development, Reaching your potential & The stars


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