Summer is finally here! Can’t you just feel the warmth on your skin, the air becoming warmer by the day? That is if you’re here in Australia, otherwise maybe you’re coming into winter! Whichever it is, I’m hoping that sharing my current beauty favourites (and all the information and research I’ve put in!) will help you set up your skin for the now and the future. 

I’ve shared some information and products before, but, as I’ve mentioned, playing around with my beauty regime is so important to me. Rotating and changing things up depending on how my body feels, the cyclic rhythms and hormonal shifts month-by-month, travelling and the different needs that the seasons bring. 

So, here I’m sharing some of my beauty routine favourites that have consistently shown me results time and time again and that also work across many seasons. Some of these products I’ve been using for years and others are new friends, but you can guarantee that all of these are highly-recommended and loved hard by me. 

A good beauty routine doesn’t just focus on the external, but should also nourish the internal too. Obviously I focus a lot on the things that I put into my body and the different vitamins and minerals that they bring me, but I also include a few supplements to help boost those that may be harder to come by or are important to my well-being. Not only will these kinds of steps have huge benefits on things like skin and hair, but they also work towards my own holistic health.

I should also add that just as above, what may work for me may not work for you. It’s taken me a good while to refine my own little routines and find my favourites, and I’m often readjusting and redefining them too. Focus on what feels good for your body, do your own research, create your own summer routine, and make sure that each step is enjoyable for you too!



Face Cleansing: I not a huge cleanser gal, like I love cleansing my face but I really try to avoid over-cleansing. I feel many cleansers can really strip the face and mess with the PH level of the skin. So I like a gentle cleanser such as the foaming face wash by Noosa basics.

Beauty Chef Toner: I have loved this Probiotic Skin Refiner for years now. It’s such a lovely step after cleansing, with AHA to help refine and exfoliate as well help your skin to naturally hydrate. It also super-rich in probiotics, so just like what a probiotic does for your gut, it’s great at keeping my skin’s bacteria healthy too! I use this every other day.

Exfora Microdermabrasion Wand: I’m a total convert to using this guy at home, which has totally helped in curbing my microdermabrasion facial habit, and saved my wallet a fait bir too! They are such an integral part of my skincare routine that being able to do them at home with my own beloved products has been revolutionary. I love combining it with a bit of aloe, the probiotic toner, and a serum. I also do it in the sauna when my pores are nice and open which is extra effective. Personally I like to do a microderm facial ten days to three weeks apart.
Follow this link http://vpwow.com/lxderm and use the code ‘ LDERM ‘ for a hefty discount. 

LED LIGHT Therapy: If you have followed me on social for a while you would see that I’m pretty much obsessed with Light Therapy; everything about it lights me up, from the science, to the rainbows, to the results. LED light is really great at perking up collagen cells, clearing acne bacteria and stimulating the cells, and my skin looks so much plumper and glowy after I use this. ***LEARN MORE IN MY BLOOM EBOOK*** The featured LED devices including the face mask below and the LED handheld wand are samples of my own custom-designed LED devices that are also integrated with infrared healing technology. It’s still in the works so sit tight for these ones1 I would also suggest looking into a clinic around you who have the Heallite or Light Stim – do yourself a favour by booking yourself in for a session. The below photo is showing you just how I feel post-LED or infrared session 🙂 

GUA SHA:  Enter Gua Sha massage! Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that has been used for centuries to bring new life to dull, devitalised and ageing skin using gentle stimulation lymphatic massage. Gua Sha plays a great role in releasing tension in the face and body via loosening tight muscles and tissue, and creating movement of lymphatic fluid. The repeated gliding motion along the skin also relaxes the tense muscles, which regain more blood flow and more nutrients, which then trains the muscle to its original upright position. Doing this over time can restore your youthful, glowing skin. There’s more on this in my Bloom book,

EARTH FACE mask: Who doesn’t love a homemade beauty mask? This recipe is in my Bloom book, but I wanted to share it with you as it’s such a good one! I know I keep directing you to the book, but honestly it’s packed with so many amazing tips and recipes that I promise you it’s for good reason!


(makes a dry batch)

  • 1/4 cup Activated Charcoal powder (made from ) coconut shells
  • 1/4 cup Bentonite clay powder
  • 1/4 cup Diatomaceous earth powder
  • Glass jar with lid
  1. Wash and dry glass jar well
  2. Put all the ingredients inside the jar
  3. Place the lid on tight and shake well to combine
  4. When wanting to do a face mask, just scoop out 1 tsp in a small sauce dish, add a trickle of water to the dish and mix well with a clean foundation brush
  5. Paint the mask onto the face using the foundation brush
  6. Let the mask semi- to fully-dry (if your skin is feeling very tight and itchy before its dry then that’s your time)
  7. Rinse with water 2-3 times and use a black towel to remove


SKIN divinity: This clinic has become my skin saviour! I started visiting them a few months ago and every single time my skin just gets better and better. I feel blessed to have Heidi, the owner and creator of the clinic, treat me with her incredible hands – she combines Dermapen treatments with infrared and LED, enzyme peels and hydration. I go every six weeks or so, the improvements in my skin’s tone, tightness and glow are just too good!
This is also where I found the Osmosis Calm Vit A serum, I use this serum at night around 4 times a week and its great for evening out skin tone and scaring. Check out some results of theirs at @skindivinityclinic 


Eyelash serum and wand: I use this recipe from my Bloom ebook for my brow and eyelash serum; it’s seriously the best if you’re trying to regrow or reshape your brows or lashes. So many of us are victims of past over-plucking, my best tips for regrowth are this: Pluck only when you really need it and use a serum on your brows and lashes every evening with a brush to stimulate growth and keep them strong and thick. I tend to pluck my brows only once or twice a month; this means I get enough growth to be able to make the right decisions when plucking and I’ll be working with the most natural shape of my brows. When you do pluck and shape your brows, set up a nice spot in a sunny window, put some music on, put a cushion under your butt, sit up straight and take a deep breath. Allow this self-care practice to become some unintentional meditation. Take to your brows with love and tell yourself that you love what you see, look into your own eyes and listen to what thoughts arise. Shout out to my sister Cassie and her business ‘The Brow House Melbourne’ for forever helping me maintain well groomed brows and lashes  x

Eve Perez highlighter: This highlighter is so nice, it creates such a gorgeous dewy glow on my cheekbones. It comes from the cutest little shop next to The Source in Brickworks on the Gold Coast. conscious.kin only supports ethical, sustainable and transparent beauty brands, and it’s so great to be able to walk into a shop that encompasses so many of my own values when it comes to beauty.


Kappi Razor: A sustainable razor! I’m all about it! And it’s beautiful. You do have to be a little more careful with this one compared to the bendy plastic ones but pair it with some in-shower body oil to help nourish the skin and let the razor glide easily.
Grab 10% off this forever razor with this code ‘loni15’.

Body Scrub: Coffee Scrub – This scrub is great for cellulite reduction and self-tanning.
Summer days Skin Bar – Beach summer holidays skin all year round. Smooth, dewy and hydrated!
Both of these skin bar recipes are available in my Bloom E-book.

Sauna practice: I’m sure by now you all know how much I LOVE my infrared sauna, but, just in case you missed it, it is one of the very best things in my daily routine – hands down. The infrared heat creates frequencies which vibrate the cells in our bodies, working deep in the cells to detoxify; releasing fluids, cellulite, viruses, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
The best thing about infrared? It’s so amazing at stimulating the lymphatic system, pushing and moving fluid around so that it can release and push out all the bad stuff so much quicker, boosting the immune system. Its ability to get rid of stagnation is why it’s so complemented with self-massage techniques like gua sha, fascia rolling, cupping and dry skin brushing – these tools only excel and compliment the lymphatic clean.
Having a sauna has drastically improved my health, to the point that I now feel more comfortable in this world we live in because I now have a place that can get out all the toxic crap I have absorbed. Not only from the once-toxic load I put in my body but also the toxins that I will be absorbing just by living in society; the exhaust fumes, radiation, plastics, aerosols, fuel, perfume, fragrances, dirt and dust, pollution and chemicals that make up our modern world. The sauna is a place to unwind and literally wipe away all the baggage we hold onto, physically and emotionally. You can stretch your body like you want to and do what feels good in the moment. I have the Yoga Full Spectrum sanctuary by Clearlight Saunas.


Silica: Silica is a mineral element of the earth. It’s what makes up sand, crystals and opals. It’s the element that builds and holds it together. It is naturally found in most rocks, quartz, clays, diatomaceous earth, spring water and foods, such as oats, cucumbers, asparagus, green vegetables and horsetail plant. Silica is also available as a liquid gel.

I first starting taking silica because I had a heavy metal testing done a couple fo times showing I had too much aluminium in my body and very low silica (aluminium drains the body of silica and other minerals) you can look into heavy metal toxicity for more information in this. Research shows that silica naturally helps clear out heavy metals in the body while it undertakes a very important role in the body to deposit minerals into the bones. I believe along with many other researchers that silica is a mineral that is greatly underestimated for its benefits to the body. You might know silica as that supplement with the crystal on the front. It’s been around for decades! The main marketing push behind it is its rapid growth and support for hair, skin and nails. There is a good reason for why this works! Silica builds collagen in the body thus helping boost hair and nail growth and assisting in rebuilding skin cells, which plump out wrinkles and fine lines and provides overall skin rejuvenation. Internally, silica strengthens the bone structure by being the transporter of minerals into the bones and holds together connective tissue.
I don’t take silica daily, I like to mix it up between my intake of silica-rich foods, silica gel and diatomaceous earth, I talk about this more in the Bloom ebook too! I have used this silica and this silica 

Oysters: This is the biggest change I’ve made in my lifestyle, the biggest change that I’ve made in over eight years! This decision took a lot of research and intuition but adding oysters into my diet has given me so many of the minerals that I have been missing since childhood. I have always suffered from imbalances in this way, and while I will continue to advocate for and follow an otherwise plant-based diet, they are so rich in minerals and nutrients. Amongst others, I get protein, Zinc, DHA, B12, iron, iodine, calcium, vitamins A, Bs, B12, C, E, D  just from oysters alone.

Aloe vera: Aloe has been my go-to for just about anything for years – skin treatments, home remedies for illness and always, always as an additive to my smoothies. High in so many vitamins and minerals, I’ve also grown my own at home and it is super satisfying to be able to just snip a bit off and use it straight from the plant to my kitchen. Grab a plant from gumtree, craigs list, facebook market place or your local nursery. They type I have is Aloe Barbadensis Miller, I grow them in pot on my balcony, they love plenty of water when in full sun and the inner gel tastes better when watered well with plenty of sunshine. 

Burcha: Burcha is the perfect thing to kickstart your health journey; it’s easy and simple to make, you need to spend minimal time on it while it’s benefits are huge! A small amount of time spent gathering the ingredients and pouring them into a jar is all you need to do here, soak it and eat it the next day with your favourite toppings. I like to eat Burcha a few different ways, on smoothie bowls, in smoothies, on chocolate bark, topped on fruit salad or savoury salads, as porridge or simply soaked overnight. It’s the best thing to keep you satiated for hours! Learn more in the Bloom ebook, or find the recipe here! 

Papaya: Papaya is such an essential in my diet when it’s in season as it’s high in enzymes as well as vitamin A and C. I love it sliced in half with my coco whip recipe, or topped with lemon zest or passion fruit. It’s seriously helped my digestion ten-fold and is such a quick meal!

Green Juice: Amazing both internally and externally. I’ve been juicing for almost 10 years now and I love it and always see an improvement in my body and how I feel every single time. Try this simple green juice recipe

  • 4 celery stalks
  • 2 apples
  • 1/4 of a fresh lemon

Wash and cut the ingredients and feed them through a juicer! Enjoy fresh on the rocks in a nice glass sitting in the sunshine 🙂

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed reading some of my beauty favourites and this information resonated with you to go ahead and look after yourself and be proud of the skin your in.

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Lots of love

Loni Jane xo 🙂

I’d like to add that while I use and adore many of these products, recipes and beauty steps, please make sure that you do your own research and due diligence. Not only may they not be suitable for your skin type or any allergies, they also may not be suitable for certain seasons in your life such as breastfeeding or pregnancy.